Wednesday, February 17, 2010


If we are being honest...



a little rough....

Here, in the hotel.

We hit a rough patch everyday.

At that point each day,  i Announce....


and everyone knows to straight up


By the time the announcement has been made,

I haven't a moment of sanity left in me.

I usually can be found waiting in the hall.
(just to create urgency in the children)
(( they hate to not be standing within an inch of me))
(((  product of living in a one room hotel i'm guessing)))

*We drive around for a while

*Head to a Park

or 2  or 3
(we have literally hit up 3 parks in one day)

*run any necessary errands

Tonight we were heading towards cabin fever
(after only 3 straight hours in the hotel room)

and decided to hit up Borders book store.


I could hang out in there for hours.
(minus 3 Monkeys that is)

I did get a bit quiet after it dawned on me
how much my sister likes to go there.

I quite miss that girl.

She is a part of me.

oNE That IS missing right now.

Return home to Vaccuum for the 3rd time today.

Clean the room for the 3rd time.

and beg the kids to quiet down so

we don't bother the room next to us.

Just another day.

One day closer to Not living this way.

So i hold on to that ....

and now i rest my weary lil' bones on

the hard bed (with too soft of pillows) 

and ready myself for


Yet another day closer

to where we long to be!



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