Saturday, February 20, 2010

Junking Legacy

I am getting to know this town quite well.

I can almost navigate brainlessly
to and from
the necessary stops.

Like the Opportunity House...

and the Goodwill...

and the smaller personally owned Bay Guild Thrift.

.....and don't worry!

It's all budgeted in!

There are no unauthorized,
 unplanned for

We are on a self induced, very tight, budget.

I was soooo good all week that i had a little fun money
left to junk with~

Like intsy weentsy.

But thats the beauty of thrifting....

...Great Frugal Finds!

 (kenzie's  latest treasure find)
she's ony 6 but she has the eye for junking already!

Just Passing the legacy on!

xoxo  shell

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