Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Got goals?

I have been "decorating" the pages of this

Sketch book to appease my urges to decorate a home.

All part of our plan to Put ourselves back  in a
comfortable position, financially, once again.

We simply refuse to give into the turn of
events in our Bank ledgers.

If you want something bad enough....

You'll find a way to make it happen.

This is us doing that!

We surround ourselves with things to
assist in our focus!

This is what the walls in our room look like.....

Things we already know but reminders are a
great tool for success!

Picture yourself succeeding....
and don't give up til you get there!

There is a battle in each of us...

Two wolves are fighting...

One is greed and instant gratification...
Vanity and materialism...

The other is Frugality,  delayed gratification,
Thrift and hard work....

Which wolf wins???

The one you feed.

We are intent on feeding the 2nd wolf!

xoxo  shell

What are your wolves fighting over?
Which one will you feed?

P.S. (i altered the fable to fit my scenario)

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