Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crushing on Candles

I am smitten.

I have simply fallen in love with
these candlesticks.

I love the very idea of them.

I would love to own a set or two....

but for now ...

i will just adore them from a distance!

check out how much whimsy they add to the setting

I am just aching to throw a soiree of sorts....

There would be a lot of Romantic candlelight to create
the perfect cozy ambiance!

I came across these 3 lovely photos

the photographer is Shelly Kennedy on Flickr

When i get back ....

Would you like to come to a party???

xoxo  shell


  1. I am in, because we all know that I am nothing but FANCY!!

  2. I will come! But only if there are stripey candles. Those are quite cute.
    And... just so you know.... about 68% of my families wardrobe also comes from the not so vintage, vintage store. I love to dig in and find something fabu in those crazy places.