Sunday, February 14, 2010

Guaranteed Junk

Let's talk about a girl .....

She loves taking pictures.

She takes at least 60 a week.

She buys a camera and trusts it to
faithfully do it's duty;

to consistently capture life's moments
over and over and over again

Not just for a year...

and surely

not  for just 2 months! 

We're talkin 3
   big name,
 cameras in the last 12 months.

It's just ridiculous!

I am sorry but.....

I just have something to say to companies putting out crappy
products for hardworking, trusting, honest,  people to

So many companies are  producing  junk and then putting their name on it ...(all proud like)
to sell to us unsuspecting, naive, ...

did i mention  TRUSTING    .... folks???

What is going on ?

does noone care to earn and maintain there good name???

Olympia.... Nikon...

I mean i bought the cool pix
because Ashton Kutcher was real excited about it 
in his commercial...

OH! I mean "SHE" bought  it.

that girl.

the one who ....

bought a camera because of a
guy with a cute butt in the commercial....

OH!   i mean  because of the high
repor of the gentlemen on said commercial.

The point is...........

Definately Buy the 12 mo. WARRANTY!

Because i promise...

that sucker is gonna break before then!!!

p.s.   my camera broke.  i wont have pictures for a while  :(


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