Friday, February 19, 2010

My Very Fashionable Investment

Do you see these fancy lil'  mamas???

They just happen to be my latest "find" from

the local thrift store.

Turns out that my highly trained eye,

 for fashion and incredible

deals, is starting to pay off.

I picked up these gems for Well under $10.

Upon returning hometel, 
(that's what we call the hotel room)

I found these same shoes online going for

 a pair!!!!!!!!!!!

Christian Louboutin of Paris

Honestly,  how does one justify such an

I dunno. 
 Doesnt Matter to me.

I sold them for $91.00 on Ebay

within 15 minutes of posting them there.

Whoot Whoot!

The crazy thing is.... that  was actually a killer deal.

There were bids on the other pairs for $295.00

and still rising.

These pretty mama's are  the BCBG MAXAZRIA

the haughty line of Max azria

They are size 7.5 -8
they measure   10  inches  from toe to back of the heel
 they are still
 if you can't stop thinking about them....

let me know!

They retail for $130-195.00

Perfect condition!!!!


and  they are the newest member of your wardrobe!

xoxo  shell


  1. This is Jayme (Marti's sister in law). I have your blog on my Google Reader, but I had to come over and comment on these shoes. My heart is hurting that you parted with the Louboutin's. I often dream of owning a pair. I even see the red soles. I am dying. Where are these thrift stores and who is getting rid of these shoes?!? Haha.

    I am thinking about those BCBG's, but I think they may be a little big. Tempting......

  2. Hey jayme, i am so sorry! i promise to post any future highend finds on my blog before i go to ebay! What size are you? i comb the scene for these treasures a lot so i can keep my eyes open for ya.

    The BCBG are actually 10" from toe to backof heel. It dawned on me last night that i measured the sole instead of the inside of the shoe. and the way the shoes are designed, the bottom are smaller. do you have dainty feet?

    let me know , i'll keep you in mind! shell

  3. Oh!! You are so funny. Don't even be sorry. :) I just can't believe you got such amazing finds at the thrift store. You have inspired me to check some out here. I love it!! I am just dying to know what kind of thrift stores you are going to. You are seriously the champion of shopping in my eyes. Haha.

    I will have to find my tape measurer. I use to to wear like a 6 or a 6.5, but I think my feet got bigger after I had kids. :)

    I do love your blog. Your family has such a great attitude and are a good example to all.