Friday, April 30, 2010

Door Design


The Hot Pink door:

Kudos to the Pink Porch light bulb
and the  Shnazzy door jewels!

This would be the door for ME!

I'm gaga for the medallion in the center of the door
and the mail slot...and the paint colors too!


The yellow with the bright flowers...


I would lick the old brick and  the knotty bumpish trees...

were i there.... and very very hungry...

or dared to...

for  a buck or too....

I cannot get enough of the glass panes on this door!

This front entrance says:

"WELCOME,  I have great taste,  COme in! "


Meow,  Mommy likes the grasses and the Pom Pom bushes

that stand along side of this door.

The wreath is a big BONUS too.

But i  am uber fond of the Architectural touches above the door!

Yes Please.

I'll take one of each.

for the house that...

i don't have.  :(

  ha ha ha ha!


more time for me to decide on the style i want
for my front door!

xoxo  shell

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Lovely Home

I am needing a bit of hope today.

If only a tiny glimmer....

that a home of our own ...

is out there waiting for us again.

A tiny lil' cottage surrounded by flower beds.

(note:  i  know youre  probly wondering why there is a dirt bike on the porch...

i  cannot suffice your curiosities....  i don't happen to know for sure...

but my guess is that a man took this photo????  thats all i can come up with.) :)

But oh.... the vines growing on the rooftop...

This may appear a lil overgrown to some....

but i see a lovely shop for me to get  creative and messy in.

Somewhere there is a sunny patch of Earth...

covered in flora...

Waiting just for us.

Our own lil storybook home...

(I am lovin' the gates!)

a cozy lil' kitchen nook for me to bake in....


a cozy lil' kitchen for me to microwave hotpockets in...

yep, this is the set of  Holiday.

a movie that makes me DROOL everytime.

NO!  not the bedroom scenes!

(well...except for the bed posts and linens maybe!)

 But,  I'm talking about all the English Charm.

A toasty, crackling  fireplace waiting to warm my toes.



It is fairly obvious what one would be doin in here...

........and someday a  fancy, lil' ,wooden,  fairytale, carriage

will knock on the door.

It's name will be


and , again, a lovely lil home will be ours.

xoxo  shell

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Designing For Lou Lou

My Lou Lou is quite the designer herself...

so she has very high expectations for her bedroom.

It can't be any old ordinary design.


If you can see past the gal in the dress
with the balloons...

and focus in on the background.....

You will see the inspiration for :

My Lou lou's new bedroom!

(before pictures to come tomorrow)


the before pictures of lou lou's room
may cause eye pain and possibly nausea.

It ain't perty!
Infact, it use to be her dad's room when he was a lil boy.
I say agian....

It ain't perty!


I am picturing something like this: tattered old  faded wallpaper...

and the tarnishy old silver and  antique-ey accessories.

 old wood floors and the Disco Ball.

I will let you know once the project is underway!

xoxo shell

"Toppins" A Bag and an Embarrasing flashback

Inspired by My dear Friend Miss Mary Poppins....

We were watching Mary Poppins and

"Feed the birds"
"tuppence, tuppence,  tuppence a bag..."

Lou Lou decided she would like to feed the birds...

and squirrels...

and racoons...


The munchkids collected pinecones...

and spread peanut butter on one side

(one side is less messy)

Then they rolled them in wildlife feed...

All there was left to do was ....

Stand in the middle of the town square dressed in


Belting out the chorus....

"Feed the local wildlife and birds....

 Tuppence, Tuppence..... Tuppence a bag!"

But i am such a mean mom and i said no to that part.

Here Is Why....

My mom was the loving, proud , bystander to many

a horrifying performance put on by my sister and i

(and whatever other unsuspecting neighbor girl  we could con into dancing with us in PUBLIC)

We put on productions in PUBLIC areas.

We posted handmade FLYERS advertising the...

Amazing Upcoming Event!

Come see the talent for yourself!!!!

People would come too.
they would patiently wait while we
dug through our Home recorded cassette tapes...

to find the one we would dance to....

And then we would do cartwheels and twirls for 4 minutes


When the song ended we would BOW.

Our mom looked so proud

So We were  sure that...

Everyone there wanted to be just like us.

This is why i am the mean mom that says no!
 i am scarred by the embarrasment i put myself through as a child.

I was a NERD.

and my poor mom had to claim me!

aye yie yie yie YIE!


dont be too hard on me....i have allowed my daughter and niece to
put on a circus and invite 5 helpless neighbors and grandparents
to witness their death defying acts.

i just pray she doesnt hold me accountable for my permission

to do so,  someday.


xoxo  shell

Monday, April 26, 2010

Gypsies Go to Market

Play Guess Who the Gypsy is:

This  lil gypsy has a wrinkly ankle....

this lil gypsy picks her nose....

This lil gypsy thinks somethins' funny...

this lil piggy needs a mom who sews.

But this lil piggy said....

Weeeeeeee  Weeeeeeeee  Weeeeeeee...

Let's stay HOME!

This little Gypsy Family has had a crazy year,

Traveling, homeschooling, living in hotels.

But we have decided that traveling is for Vacations!



we are not on vacation.

In fact... we are on the opposite.

We are starting up our own Company.

Lawn Maintenence...dumptruck (hauling away or delivering),
Sprinkler repair/ install...snow removal...etc etc...

"We" as in Matt!  :)

I have something else up my sleeve...

Now if i could just pull it out???!!!

i have great ideas...

they just need to start becoming tangible creations!



and it feels wonderful and fulfilling to look back and say:

I made it!  i lived in a very tiny hotel room for nearly 8 mos

with the 5 of us and pets...





any of them!

Thank you Lord!

We have all made it out of that phase ALIVE!


love shell

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Pretty Basket and Pretty Boys

The cutest sis-law in the World ...

made this Easter basket for me!

I am well aware that it is past Easter...

but i haven't blogged since then...

and i couldn't Not share this delightful

basket of love!

she strung Pearls and through them in with her tiny Ball jars that she embellished for MEEEE!

Forgive my thighs in this picture...

it was in the car on my lap....

Life is so busy....

it seems most of our pictures are in the car lately.

Maybe that is because we have been living on the road

for 8 months now....???

I have had A lot to do in the past couple of weeks....

But i have some big news!!!!!!!!

but you can't read about  it until tomorrow.

and  HELL NO....

i am NOT pregnant!!!!!

i mean seriously.......

are you sick and disturbed???

:)  hee hee....

love shell

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

True Treasures

I just got back from Michigan.

The funeral for Gramma was a beautiful

tribute to her life!

Now i'm here in Utah....

amongst my piles of "things".....

and i am looking at them different.

I have been so focused on Family while

planning the funeral...

that i cant help but see my piles


just that

"piles of  things".

It is my hobby and a passion of mine...

but it is definately not what matters most in this life.

I very much enjoyed learning new things about
my Grandmother and her amazing life!

Grandma and grandpa had a double wedding with grandpa's brother and his fiance.

My grandma and grandpa are on the right.

(check out harley's hair)


xoxo  shell

Friday, April 2, 2010

That Quiet Voice

You know how Sometimes you get that little


The one that nudges you  from time to time,

when you need a push.

I have been hoping to go back home to Michigan,

where i grew up,  to spend time with my Dad, stepmom,
little brother (25) :) 
his wife....and  ....

My Gramma Arlene.

The whisper told me...

GO HOME TO MICHIGAN NOW! I bought a plane ticket and

10 days later i was stepping off the plane....

I couldnt wait to drive into

and then See Gramma the next morning.

Kiss her...hug her...maull her too!

But it was not to be.

voicemail beeped....

there was a message from Family.

Gramma just passed away.

it happened at 10:30 pm

I arrived in Michigan at 10:45 pm

She went home to Heavenly Father

It was time  for her
to see her Harley.

I was sad for me.....

but i was happy for her.

She isn't confused or lost or lonely anymore.




I know that Families can be together Forever.

I know i will see her again.

and next time....

I won't miss her by 15 minutes.


xoxo  shell