Monday, February 22, 2010

But, It's Not In our Best Interest....


Longing for the comforts of home while away.

That is the definition of the word  homesick.
I looked it up.    so...... I would know!
But if you don't believe me...
then you are free to look it up for yourself.

..and on the odd chance that it does not say
those exact same words when you look it up....


...and furthermore....

shame on you for not just taking my word for it!


(by the way....  i didn't realllly  look it up....but it's a very good definition for
just coming up with it right off the cuff  don't you think?)

We are all a bit homesick here in
 Hawker  Chateau.

We are missing not only our "home"
but our Family  and friends too.

This weekend is going to be particularly
hard for the lot of us.

We had thought that we were going to get a very special visit.

From a very special mix of people.

That would have done wonders for our


Just to be able to spend some time with My elder sister
and her beautiful, wonderful, adorable children.

(homesickedness is so a word.... i ..... "looked it up" )
But alas .... it is not to be.
(is this reading like a sad fairytale????)
(cuz i'm going for the sad fairytale flow here.)
(is it working?.....Could you sense that sort of "mood"  in my story?)
For my fair sister and her lovely
lineage have had a very travesty of a time finding
tickets for the .....airplane.
(did i ruin it all when i had to throw " airplane" in there?)
(did i lose some of the long long ago fairytale credibility there?)
You know what?
i'm actually getting a lil' headache from
talking that way in my head so i can type this for you.
so,  i will continue on in regular American English
from this point on.
Due to the change of plans.....
We have been contemplating coming home for a 4 day
weekend ourselves.  So we can see a very special lil'  girl
who just turned 7.  And celebrate Kade's 4 th b-day.
(which happens to be sunday)
But....the fact is........
That while it would be just what we would love to do,
(ohhhhh,,,,  to have a girls night out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
It's probably not in our best interest.
Can you even imagine how hard it would be
to peel the kids away from home and friends and family AGAIN?
NOT to Mention:  Our  Bailey Dog.
Oh we miss her so much!
I could handle it just because  i know that traveling is something that needs to be done
for now and that it won't last forever.

But the kids......
i can't put them through that again.

So we will stay on the road....
Sacrificing for a short while,
so we can all be together until we get where we need to be.
Back on top of it all!
Life can be hard.
Some choices are really hard.
And sometimes...
the hard stuff...
is such a blessing!
Here's to Life!
and all the blessings that we have
and for the ones that are
xoxo  shell

put your shoulder to the wheel.
push along.

do your duty with a heart full of song.

i love hymns.

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