Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Little Ones Around You

I was once told .....

that a child won't likely remember all the lovely words
we told them.


they will remember that your eyes lit up
everytime they walked into the room!

xoxo  shell

more lovely words to live by.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Storybook Paper Lanterns

I sent my lil buddy to Preschool Last week....

He is the sweetest lil....cutest lil...

muffin ever!

and having him and Lou lou gone for a few hours
a day has caused a lil void in my day.

so i have been Crafting with my youngest, Kie!

fresh outta the bath!

These lil babies are so easy and fun!

I got the idea from my sister!

This is the stuff you will need!

*scrapbook paper
*2 types of ribbon or trim
*glue dots and a glue stick

*super cute yarn or string
(preferrably pink)
cuz they work better.
...ok...not really...they are just CUTER!

*whimsical thrift store book

*and last but fo' sho'  not least....
Puppy Chow!
(the chocolate peanut butter and powder sugar crispix kind)
it's essential to the project.
i promise.
scouts honor.

1. rip out a page of the book....

for the sake of the project...


2.  fold it in half.

3.  Cut  along the folded edge about every inch.

4.  Open it up should look like this  :)

5. pinch the edges together like sooo!
and GLUE with GLUE DOTS...( i used ZOTS)
on the top and bottom of the lantern.

6. cut strips of yummy scrapbook paper.
mine was cardstock for better form.

7.  roll the paper strips up to help it form
itself around the lantern.

9.  use glue stick to adhere one edge of strip
to top of the lantern.

10. wrap the strip around and overlap the strip on itself just a bit.
cut any excess.

10.   take a small strip of ribbon
about 4-5 inches....and glue dot it on each end
to the lantern.

11.  Finally, use your yarn to string
the lanterns along.  keep them in place with
the other ribbon or trim you chose.  tie the trim around the ribbon and yarn to lock in place on the garland!

These would be great for a birthday party or
a kid's bedroom..... or a
VINTAGE Camping trip!

OOOHHH  try hanging them on a string of christmas lights


xoxo shell

P.S. now eat all the puppy chow.
You done good! 


Monday, September 6, 2010

Labours of Love

Happy Labour Day Weekend to YOU!

These are a few "labors" of Love i just had to share.....

Do you see that uggggly camper in the background ?


believe it or not....

that hunk o' uggggly just happens to be my
Prized Vintage Camper!

I begged hubby for her...

and surprisingly got my way...back in May.

I did a lot of work inside Her Majesty...
(thats her name)


But this weekend....

I "LABOuRED" over her exterior!

First she got a white prime job to cover that uggg blue...

and then:

She recieved 2 lovely coats of

She is a 1969 road runner....

and she has been given New Life this weekend!

The inspiration for the paint color came from

My Lou Lou's eyes...

and you thought you needed front teeth to eat corn
on the cob.....LOL

Not this girl....

where there's a will there's a way...

We have been "labouring" over grampa's
corn jungle for quite some time now....



iT'S time to EnjOY the
FruiTS of our Labours!!!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Magic of Balloons

Today i woke up in a strangley chipper mood....

i think that my gym membership is giving me a lot more

than muscles....


i dropped off lou lou at school and told her....

"have a grand day baby girl!  and don't forget ...

it's Friday so it's short day..."

and at our house...

short day means  ICECREAM CONES after school!

The kids and i head out for a lil' Friday snack!

It gives us all a way to make it through the last day

until the weekend!

What am i babblin about....

Oh YAH~BAlloOnS!

I just love to make the kids' lives seem magical

every now and again...

and whenever i think about the beauty and magic of life....

My mind wanders to BAlloonS!

***they are soooo  whimsical to me***

I believe that, though this life is hard, OUr
Heavenly Father wants us to Find Happiness!

and by looking eachday for small PoPs of whimsy  around us
we can focus in on the joys and blessings of life better!

I wish  i could decorate our home in fresh flowers
and oversized balloons just for "everyday"!

Balloons to me are soooo

Magic lil bubbles of color ...

that can float iffa want em to!!!!

Origin unknown...(please share if you know so i can give credit where credit is due)

The munchkids and i were on our way to school this morning and
we saw hot air balloons in the sky....

What a way to start a day!

It was enchanting.


I couldnt help but oooh and awe over ...
those big balloons!

I have been looking for the big round
decorative balloons for sooo long...

I would love to just call the fam to dinner
and have a large helium balloon tied to each of their chairs!

Spotting the hot air balloons inspired me to
pick up my search efforts again...

I finally found  them!

You can get HUGE ones like this at

or just the jumbo rounds (below) at

Just incase any of you have wondered where to
get them too!

You are welcome.

Have a Magical day!
xoxo  shell