Saturday, February 20, 2010

Suck Truck Makeover

What are your options when you
are holding off on buying a nicer vehicle
in the name of Sacrificing for the greater good
of the family budget...
and you are forced to
 drive around your hubby's truck,

(which you have "lovingly ???"  named "suck truck"
due to it's inability to steer and park)

Why.....  You give it a makeover dear boy!

This Spring Season ,Suck Truck is 

sporting a new Mix  of Vintage and New


In keeping with my love for all things not

Suck truck is sporting some coordinating, but not
entirely matching, striped scarves around her necks.

She now boasts a lovely vintage broach
which adorns her driver side door

Her rear....

(view mirror)

is flaunting fancy pearls  and silver with a
splash of chic sequins!

She has been sporting this piece for a while now.

This sea shell filled trinket organizer,

Was the inspiration for the entire Makeover!

This spring you can Get this look without
breaking the bank

at your local thrift stores!

xoxo shell

1 comment:

  1. Aww... so very cute! But I am willing to bet by the end of the season that them scarfs may win u the crown!! LoL

    because I know if they were in my car... they would totally be cherry in like a week