Sunday, January 31, 2010

Middle Of the Night

It is 1:33 a.m.

i am sitting in the bathroom in

the hotel room so i don't disturb the family.

Kenzie (6)  just sat up crying

and screeching.

She has these night terrors that are

so hard to snap her out of.

She is asleep but her eyes are open

and she is deathly afraid of something.

She just keeps begging, "MOM,  I'm scared of it!"

but i ask of what and she doesnt know.

HELLO.  We live in a hotel room-
I have to calm her down fast. All 5 of us sleep
within 10 sq ft of  eachother.
Stuff like this could turn into an all nighter if
the other kids are woke up!  That would be

and then i have an


*I want to be the best Mom ever.
I want to be sooo wrapped up in being a mom.

*I want to laugh off the spills, turn into
a dinosaur while chasing a whining child
and tickle away their grumpies.

*I want them to be #1
and to know it.

and not just on the good days like i do now....
This should be standard procedure...
Dino tickling and funny faces....

I want my husband, when  someone asks
what kind of person i am,
to describe me as ...

"she's a mom"

like he did about another
woman yesterday.

" She's a mom.  She takes
care of her kids."

(....he says to me when i ask him to describe a friends wife.)

My heart longed for him to think of me as this.

But honestly, 

Why would he?

Everytime he calls from work and asks

how my day is going...

I whine and "boo hoo"

about how loud the kids are...

and how much they fight with eachother...

Maybe if i replied...

" Everything is good.  I'm just
being a mom and the kids are good but loud so i should go so i can calm them
 down with some of my 

...... Well then maybe  he might
actually know how much i love them...
and love being a mom.... their mom.

 I could tell you what he would say now
if asked to describe me...

"She loves vintage stuff and
crafting and wants to own
a boutique again someday...."

*Well,  that just won't do!




Better go back to bed.
Or tomorrow will be a rough first day for this mommy!

xoxo  shell

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The " Loots " of my Labors

monogrammed with an R  for Rachelle i'm sure

I Stormed onto the Thrift Store Scene

Bright and Early today!

and these are the

"Loots" of my Labors!

Set of 4

Love, love, loved, the earthy print and the colors!

Pewter napkin rings

Me loveth Pewter!

i fell in love with the lil bunny cloche

.....and then the big stuff....

the stuff that gets hubby going....

and not in a good way....

old luggage... is old and black and

(and did you notice the piece behind the luggage?)....

This is the one that i am gonna have to

bat my eyelashes for....

How will we get it back to Utah in April????

Don't know.  Didn't care.  Bought it.
Love it.  Will find a way!

The design on the front cabinet....spoke to me..

The chippy paint called out to me...

My heart danced at the sight of the old hardware...

and then much to my delight....

i opened it up and found this....

The secret lil' secretary inside begged me to 
carry her home!

and for
i did!

xoxo shell 

Friday, January 29, 2010

Land of Imagination

Sunshine Yesterday

=The Search for Worthy Playgrounds was ON!

The restless elfin creatures

climbed to fantastic heights

and looked out over the wild blue Yonder

in Hopes of Spying an Arena of sorts...

to romp and play in.

"PlayGround HO!"

The frolicsome lil' pirates cried.

Merrymaking was within our grips!


A Skip and A Jump and......

Pleasure in Play was OUrs!

It was as though a whole new world had

been discovered.

Frolicking and cartwheels

were long overdue!

But Alas,

A jolly good time was under way!

lovin' the sunshine....


p.s.  even the tiresome mother elf joined in
and played guard of Teribithia.  Marching with
large stick in hand, around the fortress, protecting

the inhabitants therein.

Great fun was had by ALL.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm Goin' Shoppin 4 u

100th post

treasure hunt


Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Check out my Fab new Creepers!

Purple runnin'  shoes.

How can one not be excited to go outdoors and Run

when they get to do it in Purple creepers!

While we were in Disney Land this past

weekend.  We walked.   and walked and walked.

Then we walked some More!

I loved it!

I repeat:


I am so tired of just sitting around in the hotel.

I am being a good girl and not spending much money.

So cross shopping and stores off the list of things

to do.

It has been raining like  a wanna be Rainforest around here

So scratch the parks and outdoors off that list too.

I was just absolutely enchanted with all the Excercise we

got at Disney!

( don't tell anybody ,  but i was totally squeezing my bun
muscles with every step.)

I was gonna make the most of the walking!

(scrawny ankles.... i know)

I delight in sore muscles.

To me,  it means i am gettin stronger.

I like stronger.

Which made me think of something else.....

when times get tough.....

when the going gets rough......

When it feels like my  spirits are "sore".....

I must be growing.

Getting Stronger.


I like it!

DisneyLand walking inspired me to start running.

So as soon as we got back.....

I bought me some purple creepers and put the

hair in a ponytail.

We got the kids scooters.  Again.  (we left their other
new ones in Utah)

and then............


I ran with weights in my hands.

Kid's screaming...


the whole time.

I just tugged at the Forrest Gump in me ...

and RAN.

It feels great to get Stronger.

Body, Mind and Spirit!

xoxo  shell

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ditchin cabin fever

Global Warming my Frozen Toe!

It is soooo cold here.

Did i mention that i am in California?


and wetter than wet!

it literally has not stopped raining for

5 days.

Cabin Fever.....

I am goin to

Disney Land








xoxo  shell

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Up Close With Sugar

If you chance to crave a sweet....
don't let that craving stay....

Jaunt on over to the
Jelly Belly Factory...

and gorge that craving away!


It works.

I don't want another jelly bean for....


a long time.

Jelly Belly Chandelier....i want one.

Jelly belly icecream counter

jelly belly cafe.  Where the foods are all in the shape of ....


Jelly Bean.

eye candy EVeryWhERE.  even dangling from the ceiling.

I am a true homeless person.
My mind is starting to morph into one anyways.
The thought crossed my mind....

about secretly living in one of those in the parking lot.


You could lick the wallpaper and 
it actually tastes like candy corn.

not really.
(and shame on you if you were excited.  that is just gross)  ;)


Hope you have a very



xoxo  shell

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


We clocked out for the day
and hit up the old nut tree.

...plaza...the nut tree plaza.

Did we have a good time?

Well it was better than gettin stung by a bee.

...And by that i mean...

like a whole lot better.

cuz i don't really find it very enjoyable to

be stung by a bee.

Infact,   i now can see that it wasnt really

effective for me to compare our fun day to

being better than a bee sting.

sooo  if you don't have any where to be....

I now would like a moment to rephrase

that statement.

Yes we did have fun.

It was better than not even going at all.

which would have not been fun.

to just stay at the hotel.

and to not have left. 


we had more fun than being stung by a bee in the hotel room.

Definately funner than those things.

xoxo  shell

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Like the great song says.....

At different times In our Lives...

We  Experience  different seasons.


And Throughout the course of our entire life we will
 likely experience  a very vast spectrum of seasons.

There will be

Times when we should stand up and

 Times when we should take a seat and
enjoy the ride

Times when we

Times when we are the student

Times when we will need
the strength of  others

Times when we will
have to branch away from the crowd
and think for ourselves

There are times when need to
put on our shoes and work

....and then times to kick off 
our shoes and dance

There may come a time when  

We let go of our grip on
the past.....

...just let it go....

and in good faith....
 focus on the future

and all the wonders it holds....

all the happiness that lies ahead....

all the adventures that await!


You should make time to
Frolic in the Sand!

xoxo  shell