Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gleaning talents

Just finished packing for Michigan.

and it is probably a very good thing i did.

Grandma has been giving up on recovering...

She just misses her Harley.


she's no motorcycle mama...

She's not missin "A Harley".... she's missin her Harley...

My grandpa's name was Harley.

He was one handsome gent!

Even in the end...

he had a full head of hair and his bangs would swoop down

like James Dean.


This here Little man is his Namesake.

Kade Harley.

and He too is quite handsome if i do say

so myself.

(i may be a lil' bias)
as his mom

Anywho... g-ma is letting go.

and if it means she's going to see G-pa again...

Then i can let her go.

At least i get to spend some time with her

in the hospital...

and let her know how much i adore her.

Always have ...always will.

She is my Crafting role-model...

painting... sewing...quilting...creating...

I always idolized her talents.

K-  i am packed and am bringing an extra


don't tell  hubby...

It's for filling with treasures.

My dad and stepmom are taking me Junking in their

fav.  spots!

(yah-  i got junking from him...

my crafting from g-ma...

and my good looks...

well  those were clearly g-pa Harleys!

Cant wait to see my lil bro and sis-law marie too!

2 of the coolest cats on the Planet!

xoxo  shell

Monday, March 29, 2010

Girl's Trip Petaluma

Petaluma's shops and Frippery

dON'T GET me wrong,

I am soooo glad to be back home in Utah.

But if i had one reason to go back to California...

it would be an All girl's weekend in Petaluma.

The shops in Petaluma were fabulous ...

i just couldn't convince my Hubby and kids to

skip the Beach  plans  and just hang out in stores all day where they cant

touch anything.???

so i missed out on some great finds i'm sure.

as we drove in to the town and then out again....

I must have looked like the little kids in the


When  their families were moving away and
they were forced to get in the car and drive away from their
home and friends

staring out the back window...

in tears....

Yah... that was me, every weekend as we drove out of Petaluma's city limits and  Main street
in all it's glory were no longer in sight!

It was not far from Dillon Beach...

Our fam's favorite hotspot for our weekends!

I had a blast with my kids there!

Their smiles and silly rompage through the sand hills

was something i will not soon forget!

(ok.... you got me...i CANT forget it....tHEY STILL have sand in their ears and

it is in the wash.... 

IT is Haunting  ME!)


But the Plethra of WHite, sun bleached ,seashells

i plundered from the shores are enough to

make the sand gristles i'm still chomping in my teeth....

A FOND MEMORY of sorts!

xoxo  shell

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Words to Live By

It's not enough to just be inspired.

Put your Inspiration in Action!

Whether it is in your own home....


Out in the World ....

 in Action!


go on....

go act on your inspiration!

Whatever it may be...

great or small...

act on them ALL!

xoxo  shell

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter. Vintage Style

I love all  the vintage lifestyle.

In all it's recycling, green ,  glory!

so for Easter this year i made

the Family's Baskets  outta stuff i had

lying around.

This is One for the girl's....

I found these crocheted lovelies at a Cali. thrift shop

This one is for my boy...
a lil' bit o metal and some Greens.

This poor lil' hoppy is all busted up...

and so i LOVE it!

Happy Easter in one Week!

I will be in Michigan visiting my grandmother
for Easter.

She is in the Hospital there.

She needs a lil'  Easter Cheer.

It will be just my Mom and I on the trip....

So i won't be spending it with my Babies.


But i will be with my Dad and Brother and
G-ma that i never get to spend holidays with.

SO it will Be GReaT!

xoxo  shell

Back in Our Neck of the Woods

Well we Made it!

We made it 3 whole months on the road....

The 5 of us (and a guinea pig) in a hotel,

homeschooling, and eating fast food (  Arf  ).

This lil' princess has been waiting....

and probably wondering....   :(

But our loyal pooch welcomed us back

no questions asked!

Gotta love dogs!

The kids are soooo happy to be "home".

At grandpa's house.

Where all their Christmas toys still sat

unplayed with.

It was impossible to tear them away from Play.

We stayed up til 3 am waiting for them to get tired and crash.

Me,  I was so glad to see pretty things.  Cozy things.

My things.

Oh it is lovely to sit on a couch.

Do you take that for granted?

We havent sat on a couch in 3 months.

It was quite a treat.

What i will miss is this:

Doing all the loads of laundry at ONE TIME!

Laundromats are Fabulous in that way!

My dryer here is broke so it's back to wash and hang for me.

But all is well,

My Lou lou has her Boo back!

(bestest of friends... like sisters)

and i have my Sister Becca back.

My best friend.

It is .......


Nothing can compare to home.

(home is where the toffifays are)

I could not for the life of me find my fav. chocolate,

Toffifays,  while on the road.

But i'm back now ....

and i will be buying those suckers up

before our next trip!



xoxo  shell

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's a Colorful Life

They say that your wardrobe reflects your mood.

Well i do believe they may be on to something.

I am a muted color palette kind of gal.

But for some reason, i woke up and
Put on lots o color...

and then we headed to the Nursery to
see what California  has to offer in the way of  Flowers!

These Munchkids begged for mercy.

"who cares!" 

they cried!

I didnt want the flowers to hear them
and feel sad....

So i decided to take them to TCBY and

punish them with Calories.

I forced them to  not only eat it but to bask in it
for my amusement!

I have no authority whatsoever!
They laugh at me when i try.
They literally chuckle in my face.

Sooo little respect around here.

for the flowers....

for their Mother....


i say let the Village Raise them.



Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Treasure Jackpot

My computer has been down all week so

I haven't been able to get my "eye candy" fix from

all the blogs!  

Instead i started reading magazines....

and then....

what other choice did i have.....

But to treasure hunt?

The voices in my head told me to buy shiny things!

...and old things!

and i am a very obedient girl by nature...

Vintage laces and other sewing goodies

Crowns and gold and glass!!!!

Go to The Ball?  But of course!

Zippers and trims... From back in the day.

I thought the book on the bottom would be
fun to set out around Halloween!

Can you picture the Pretty ladies sittin' around

the card table playin while their hubby's were out


Plant Pegs!

Goods in the Kitchen!

Old baskets...and a

Handmade In Hong Kong...Woven Purse!

Those  Lil' Voices are always  gettin me in trouble with the

Hubby!   GRrrr

What is the best treasure you've stumbled across

Share with us!!!

xoxo  shell