Thursday, October 29, 2009

2 Quick Funnies

The first funny story..............

I asked Kenzie to say a prayer in the car yesterday while we were headed
to Kennewick, another  town (one with a mall) , about an hour away.

We were on the same road  as the horrible accident that we encountered on Sunday.

I was a little nervous to be driving on it since I found out it was a highly dangerous

stretch of road.

So  Kenzie  said her prayer and asked that we would have a safe trip to Yakima.

And then she giggled.

After the prayer she was still giggling.

I said         "you are silly.  We arent going to Yakima."

She giggled harder and said.....

"I know!  I was teasing Heavenly Father!  Now he thinks we are going to Yakima!"

I cried i laughed sooo hard. and i pee'd.  just a little though.  ;)

The 2nd funny.......

Kie is one of those toddlers that you swear will grow up to be a nudist.

She is absolutely constantly gettin nakey.

We must dress her between 10-15 times in a day.

Yet each time you look over at her .....


She is buck Nakey again.

That's not the worst part though......

She will try to maull you while she is nakey!

Very awkward.

So whenever i spot her strippin  down i yell


hoping to discourage the act.

 I've had to yell a lot today.

  8 times so far today .

So 20 minutes ago i reallize she is sitting on my arm and she is ....



I stared her in the eyes amazed at her blatant disobedience 

I was just about  to yell

but before i  could....

she leans in very close to  my face , like eye to eye with me and  puts her lips

right on mine and whispers  ..."  Shhhhhh  Mama"


Precious Children. Light of my life!



Forgive Me This

I know it is very inappropriate to talk about marital issues with anyone other than

that spouse..............

But my heart just got broke into a thousand pieces and

while i feel very sad ....

I also feel Flabergasted and appauled at the accusation that.....


I am not making the same sacrificing that Matt is.

He is going to work and traveling to pay our debts and get us in a better situation....

and is FRUSTRATED with me cuz his sacrificing is bigger than mine!


and uncalled for i might add.


i'm just living in a hotel with 3 kids and a dog and have given up any

home or vehicle that i had posession of in the last year!!!!!!

I know he will take it back and apologize endlessly for saying that to me.
As pukey as it feels to say right now, He is a good guy.
He just should have left that lil'  ugly thought that popped into his head right where
he found it!

Have you ever said something out loud that you know you should not have?
Like you may have believed it when it crossed your mind but then  you say it outloud and reallize
that it's probably not entirely true and  it was that natural man in you screaming to get out.

The adversary loves it when we do that!
 Yah - anyways- the words still were said...and  they caused someone's heart hurt.
Mine this time.
I feel a little better already.
thanks for letting me vent.

(i have to delete this post before Matt gets home ...and i am sure i will

feel regretful in an hour anyhow.....
but i just had to get it off my chest.)

So forgive me this please.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Up-Side to Ugly

Due to the fact that this Blog is titled....

Gypsy "lemonade" and not Gypsy "bitter".....

I decided to search hard and long for anything positive about feeling ugly!

This is what i came up with..................

You can fairly easily fix a bad hair do and a fashion rut.........

You cannot however,  easily  fix Inner Ugly!

and if i do say so myself......


I am a loving soul who enjoys lifting the spirits of all i come in contact with.

I delight in Peace and work hard to avoid contention.

so maybe my hair is temporarily fried ......

Elementry My Dear boy!.......

I am a girl that my Heavenly Father can be proud of!

thats the stuff that counts right!

xoxo  shell

and there you have it....

Lemonade Ladies......


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ugly Phase

I know that all women go through phases where they feel

ugly .....

But i have reason to believe that my ugly phase may be the new me!!!!

In fact, i am kinda freaking out!

It's not just because i am turning 30 in 4 days.

I am sure that isnt helping though.

Poor does not look good on me.
(matt wants me to use the term frugal, he assures me were not poor)

Either way , in my attempt to be "frugal", i have let myself go

in a major way!

I need my hair cut and colored
(becauz apparently my natural hair color is now a mouse poo brown and a rusty orange-ish)

i need my eyebrows waxed or mowed,,, either one will  work

despite my olive green complexion- i am very white right now...

so pretty much i probably  look  sea sick  colored.

My nails are bit off (nerves)

and my cuticles are bleeding (also nerves)

I wouldnt have ever thought that i was a high maintenance  person

but i obviously have been buying my  "pretty" for the last 5 years of my life or so.

And then there was that outburst i had about there being no malls around here.

that isnt helping my -not high maintanence - arguement at all.

Which brings us to the fact that i could use an updated winter wardrobe.

i am still sporting flip flops and rolled up jeans.

(not french rolled jeans with skinny ankles.....

i'm ugly but i'm not a complete dufus!)

"They call me mellow yellow".....that is what they should teeth that is.

OH and my under eye circles.......

I could be uncle fester for Halloween.

Yah i'll just shave my head and my eyebrows and

sport a trench coat for the rest of the year.

That will save me all kinds of loot!

There are always trench coats at the Good will thrift store.

You dont have to leave comments trying to convince me that i am


I'm not.

My heart drops in my chest when i look in the mirror.

I try not to look in it.

I know i should pray that i can feel good about myself .....

but then i'll just feel pretty and everyone around me will still be seeing crusty me.


When i get home next week it's on like donkey kong!

i'm gonna put extreme makeover to shame.

My momma always said

"we may be poor but we dont have to look like it"

So salon (and southtown mall)  here i come!

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Gypsy

We wake up at 8:00 every morning...

And without fail this is what we wake up to....


Kenzie loves the hotel breakfast. It's not like the one mom doesn't make!  LOL

She has actually gotten mad when we missed it and told me...

"Thanks A Lot MoM!  You knew that Their breakfast is special to my heart!!!"

......We havent missed one since!

Next we head to the room for Homeschool time.

Mekenzie and Kade (when he can stand it) sit down for

Ms. Mummy  to begin their lessons.

We have a review of the previous lesson first and then we start in

on the new lesson.

Kie just terrorizes the room while we do school.

It aint ever pretty!

Then we make lunch in the room from supplies in

our tiny fridge.

(Mondays are for going to the local Walmart and fillin up the fridge....

vaccuuming out the car and LLLLLLaundry! lotsa laundry in the hotel laundry room.)

After eating we head to a Park when weather permits.

We find all kinds of  Playgrounds and parks to test out!

When it's raining we hang out in Local grocery stores ....
(i'm serious)

or go on a field trip.

Weve been to the Children's Museum which was small but great~

the Walla Walla Fort Museum...It has a small settler town and  great exhibits!

We have also been to the  St. Vincent De Pauls and Good Will thrift stores many a time!

We head back to "home" or the hotel room and (reluctantly) finish up school.

Daddy gets home around 4 each day WAHOO!!!!!  
(no 2 hour commute here)

THen he gets cleaned up and we head out to dinner.

Once a week it's a restaurant but usually

it's less glamorous...Taco Bell or Mc D's (YACK!)

In the evening it's A Movie in the room.
(we brought a dvd player and our own movies)
(Friday nights we go to a real theatre with snacks in tote to save money!)
We've seen G-FOrce in  3D, Where the Wild Things Are,  Cloudy with a Chance
of Meatballs....and Astro Boy!


....We go Swimming, Swimming , in the Swimming Hole...

Kie justs hangs out in the hot tub.

Then it's the ol' bedtime routine...

Songs, family prayer, we read Scriptures together and then
of course,  a childhood story from both matt and I....

Kenzie's Orders!
(after 6 years, we are running out and lotsa re-runs occur)
or mom makes up stories about

"Chipy the Monkey and his Adventurous Life"

Thats About it Friends!

I wonder how we will do sleeping in seperate spaces when we
 get home for the holidays?

We are kinda gettin use to being soooo close to one another....

And There You have it ....

A day in the Life Of Our lil' gypsy family.

xoxo  shell

Sunday, October 25, 2009

We Heard a BOOM!

We were on our regular Sunday drive and decided to
stop off at a State Park in Walla Walla County.

We hiked and explored for a little while and after finding a lot of
trash on the trails we were disenchanted and decided to head back towards the car.

We ended up having a rock chucking contest to see who could get it across the river.

The fish jumping up out of the water was the only noise around....
and then out of nowhere  we heard a very loud....


We jumped into our car and thought that maybe our assistance would be needed.
We were kinda out in a remote area....We didn't know if we'd be the only other people around....
As we came around the bend a little ways this is what we found.

We were the first by-standers there.....

Matt hurried over to the man pulling his things out of the cab of his

truck and asked if anyone needed help....

That guy was ok and just getting as much out as he could before the flames from his
brand new camper engulfed  his truck too.

(and let me tell you wasn't long at all before the framework was all that remained.)

Another car involved had an elderly couple inside.

The man got out disoriented and limping around to get his wife out.

Matt and i ran to them and helped them both over to our car so they could sit down 

out of harm from the rapid growing fire.

The woman was having a hard time breathing ,she thought she may have broken a rib or two and the man had broken bones in his foot or ankle.

They had been on their own Sunday drive when they were hit head on
at 50 mph with no warning or time to react at all.  

The man said all he could think was ...

"We are going to die"....and he feared mostly for his wife....

They sat in our car until the ambulance came and i ran after the ambulance to 

inform them where our new friends were.

They hauled the woman away on a body board and then left to help others...


One of the firefighters had left her hard hat on the top of our car

and there bag and a piece of neck injury apparatus on our hood.

We carefully removed their items and started to pull away when our 

friends were safely headed to the hospital.

As we pulled away one of the Paramedics came running toward us 
and yelled for to us  "wait up"....

She came to our car with an arm full of stuffed animals ....

one for each of the children.....

She thanked them for being so brave and patient!

On this Sabbath day we were reminded how fragile life is....

We never know whats just around the corner...

Take nothing for granted...

  Especially Not health or safety or  loved ones...

And Buckle up! 

 We love you and want you to return from each of your trips! 

Take care and  be careful out there on the roads.....

And know this...

We don't take your friendship for granted!

God Bless!

Xoxo   hawker family

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Carving Pumpkins in the Park

You know that old saying.......

"you can't carve a punkin without a table"...

Ok----- there is no old saying about that.....

but we could very well start  putting it out there right now...

and then future generations can say ....

"you know that old saying....You cant carve a punkin w/o  a table"
(and it would be a real saying  in their case....
ya know cuz now it's been said.)

So with that out of the way.....

We carved pumpkins in the Park today.

It just seemed so much more practical than gutting them in the hotel room....

and skipping the activity all together was not an option.

Halloween is really important to me.

That might sound wierd.  Most people would say the same about

Christmas or Easter..... (they too are important to me)

but I remember being really young and knowing that when i

heard talk about Halloween birthday wasnt far off!

My birthday is the day after Halloween.

I  am  a big fan of birthdays ...(especially my own)

so the excitement of this double holiday was just almost
too much to hold inside!

The pumpkin carving in the park went off w/o a hitch!
It almost seemed more natural in a way...

like it actually makes more sense outside.

The cool crisp fall air...

Leaves falling around us....

The parks recreation getting called to check out what we
were up to......

I am fairly sure he was going to tell us that we couldnt have knives in the
park or something but  I played it all sweet and just looked really
excited to see him and have him check out our artwork.

He asked if we always carve pumpkins in parks...
like he was about to tell us it's frowned upon....

and i replied...
"well we dont have a home...we live in a we didnt really have another
option and we didnt want to tell our kids they couldnt  do it this year...."

He was all....."have a good afternoon Ma'am!"

the clean up was a cinch and the smell wont linger in  for a week!

It was good all the way around!

We are thriving here!

We are almost scarily good at this homeless thing....

what does that mean?  i dunno.   i dont ask questions when stuff is going good.

You know that old saying...

"if it ain't broke  don't fix it....."

xoxo  shell

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

there is no chicken dinner but if the winner wanted to

they could buy one of those yummy lil' already cooked chickens

in front of the meat counter!

Those are Dang good!

and the winner is................

Jill O.

Thanks for participating in my first ever Giveaway!

(hey jill, i need your it to me would ya!)


xoxo  shell

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sooo Much Talent

You have got to head over to this blog and
check out all the talent there!

Sewing and Photography and Jewelry making.....

There just isn't any way not to get inspired!




xoX0  shell

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Virtual Halloween Party

Here is your Invitation!

Walk up my street .....

to my Big Spooky House...

choose a pumpkin to carve....

come on in.....

and enjoy the decor....


Feast on  some spooky snacks...

as the night goes on, 
we will set the mood for some after dark festivities..

let's head outside to the  Old Barn...

pumpkin carving anyone? about a bonfire?

Thank you for coming to my virtual halloween Party!
Sooo glad you could make it!

Grab a goody bag and climb on to the carriage for a ride home....

Thanks for letting me live out my annual Halloween Party Online!

In a few years ...when i have a home to call my own...

You are invited to the real deal!

xoXO  shell

Monday, October 19, 2009

My First Ever Give Away !

I know you don't want to think about this......

It's kinda sick and wrong of me to even bring this up.......

I mean ,  here you are dashing around trying to get the munchkins ready for


And here i am throwing this out there....

(that is if you get paid 2x's a month)

I saw the lady at Walgreens putting out Christmas M&M's and

I  was so annoyed......

I couldnt beleive they had the audacity to start putting out Christmas goods already...

"They Just want our Money!!!!"....i thought to myself

Then I had an Alley McBeal moment...

(do you remember that show?....i loved it! where did it go?)

I thought about running over to her and biting her ankles!

"I'm not ready for that!!!   I hadn't even worked CHRISTMAS into the budget yet You BOOB!"....

...that is what i would say after i bit her and was running away!


I am such a kind loving person....
(despite the occasional ankle biting fantasies i sometimes come up with)

I didn't want Christmas to spring on you and your budget like it did me......

So i am GIVING AWAY  a $25.00  gift certificate to

Dear old Walmart
(cuz there is surely one near each of you.  Walmart is like Poop in a dog run.....It's  everywhere...).

***leave a comment and  get 1 point

*** become a follower and get 1 point

***post it on your blog get 1 point

For each point you earn your name will be put into the drawing again!

You have until this Friday  October 23rd 
I will have Kie pick the winner out of the ice bucket in our room on
Friday at 4p.m.!!!!

Good Luck!


Merry Christmas!


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Store Front Shopping

(check out the size of that door....)


(This one is already a store but i just loved it!)

(this is a Lot next to an old brick building...
where i could host Fairy picnics and serve pretty cupcakes!)

It's like a tradition for us to go on Family Drives.....

Matt and I have gone on Sunday Drives together for as long as

we can remember.....   like 11-12 years now....even back when we were "just friends"  LOL

(family joke sorry).....

Maybe, if youre good...

I'll tell you about it some time.

Probably not though.....

cuz it is pretty embarassing.....

You could probably guess though if you concentrated real  hard like.

Now.....ON WITH THE STORy............

When it is getting loud and crazy in the house on Sundays...

(After dad has wound the kids up all weekend)....

One of us hollars out "FAMILY DRIVE TIME!!!"

and the other one just knows......

get the kids in the car....

It's almost like yelling "UNCLE" in a game of  pee-knuckle.

Only way more 3 short peoples' lives depend upon it.....

On most drives we inevidably run into old store fronts or
boarded up, chippy, rusty, Barns!

and then whoever spots it says   "House of Whimsy...just waiting to happen"

We like to picture my shop in 3D someday...not just online.

It's a fun thing for us....

I hope you Enjoyed some of these store fronts we've recently run into!!!!