Friday, February 19, 2010


You wanna see what my secret admirer
gave me for Valentines' Day???

Whoever it is....

...he must really know me


I am just Ga-Ga for my special gift!

There may have even been a note attached.

One that ooh'd and aww'd over how
smitten this man finds himself with me.

Ok,  there was no letter attached....

but that would have been a very nice touch

Don't you think???

I'm pretty sure i know who this
man is.

If my suspicions are correct....

Then he is Tall ....

and tan,

and blonde,

With eyes so green and dreamy

they have the power to hipnotize!

.........and i don't mean to make you jealous but......

He just happens to be


For time and all eternity

How did you spend your Valentine's Day?
xoxo  shell

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