Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nice Folks

Last night we were invited over to

the lovely home of a couple we met in church on


What are you gasping about????

Of course we go to church on the road!

We may seem a lil' rough around the edges....


I'll have you know,

that we .....


We use to be a lot worse.

for example...

us at our highschool prom:

and us now:

U see now?
It's really not as bad as it could be.
The two of us have come a long way!

Back to this Supper with some new friends.....

This couple also had 3children of their own.

They had also invited another couple with their 4 children.

There were  A lot of boys.


I was so sure that Kade was going to have the time of his life!
Boys to Wrestle with!

Oh,   our poor little man.   So use to the gentleness of girls.

He  was ok.  he only cried once....  or twice....or......ummmm, he was soooo much
 younger and smaller than
the other boys.

Kenzie played representative for the younger children all night.

she's a great lil' mommy.

Kie had a friend her age too.

The couples were very  down to earth   and we had a great time.

Their house was so adorabley decorated.  

It made me long for a new home of my own!

It was nice to get out of the room and not eat out for a change!

The  women even clued me in on  a few fun local activities!

It's so great to meet new people on the road.

We are so blessed to have nice folks come into our lives
no matter where we go.

xoxo  shell


  1. Yeah! There are always new and exciting things around each corner. We love you. RJAKLEB

  2. Hi! Saw you on PJ's blog and thought I'd come to visit. Cute place you have here! Cute story...love the "illustrations"!

  3. Interesting and entertaining, Shell! I'm going to need to read more!!