Thursday, December 31, 2009

Me.............Times Three

I am being cautious while making my New Years Resolution for 2010.

Not to be mistaken as laziness or me being Lacksidasical....

I just want it to be a very feasible....very reachable goal.

I've got a lot on my plate right now and I don't think FAILURE would do
well for my spirits right now.....


I will not be announcing that i will

- be quitting Dr. Pepper for good
- excersise each and everyday
-Not be yelling at my kids anymore
-keep a perfect house
etc etc.....


I will make just this one Promise...
I will Be a Better Me  times  Three!!!

Everyday i will continue to "aim my sites"

on becoming the Best me that i can be.

No "nevers"  or any "always".

Cuz for me, right now, that just isn't
where i am at.

Baby steps are what i respond well to.

...So that is precisely where i will start.

Good luck to you on each of your resolutions!

..and so here's hoping for and
believing in, a wonderful 2010!

xoxo  shell

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On The Road Again...

We are T minus 4days until we are

on the road again.

It has been great being home for the Holidays!

But reallity calls!

We gotta get back to Hotel Living and
exploring new surroundings!

The itinerary says Vacaville, CA until April (at least)
It will be an adventure for sure!

No looking back though...

no guilt trips for things past...

no longing for the "old days" when money was

not an issue.

Eyes on the Prize!

Focus with faith on the Future!

Don't wanna be turned into a pile of salt...
like Lot's wife.

Looking Forward to Fruits of our Labors and Sacrifices
a couple of years from now.

"The best prize that life has to offer is working
hard at work worth doing"

T. roosevelt

(...and for the record...
my family is definately work worth doing!)

In other news...
Here's some Random eyecandy ...

I sure am gonna miss my cozy decor...

Oh yah...and my friends and family too.

hee hee hee...

xoxo  shell

Monday, December 28, 2009

How Will They Know?

If I don't tell my Kids i love them....

If i don't say the words...

If i forget to tell my husband...

If i don't take the time.....

If i just assume they know...

If i don't tell the people close to me...




How will they know?

Friends, Family, near or far....

Just incase i haven't said it lately....

or i haven't said it enough...

I  love  You. 

I really do.

Don't know what life would be like without you.

Don't wanna find out.

You mean the World to me.

xoxo  shell

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Return to Order

I love Holidays more than most.......

I love decorating for Holidays...

Let's be real....I love decorating Period!

So any excuse to decorate more....

I'm in!

But i gotta tell ya..........

The second the holiday is over....

I am tearing down evidence of it!!!!

I am not one who leaves the tree up until  New Years Day.


In fact.......

It's all put neatly back into boxes and stashed cozily
away until next year!

a return to order!!!

Hope you Enjoy the rest of the weekend and a return to Order!

xoxo  shell

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Magic I see at Christmas Time

To:  You
From: Me

children giddy with excitement.....

Packages wrapped up in  Ribbons...

 Sleigh Rides.......

Candy filled tins tied with Bows....

Piles of Presents wrapped and awaiting their debut...

Lit up Trees, Great and Small, Reminding us to Look to the Heavens....

Gum Drop Lanes and Jelly Bean Trees...

That *Twinkle in the eyes of every child....

Young and Old alike, Pray for Peace on Earth.

The Birth of  A Savior.. Yours and Mine!

May Your Holidays be Filled with Wonder
and The True Meaning of Christmas!

God Bless You!

xoxo  shell

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Becca's Christmas Cottage and My Thrift Find

We grew up on Ingraham street in Michigan

Thought i would share some decorations from My big sister Becca's
Christmas Cottage!

Merry Christmas!

xoxo  shell


My latest Treasure...........

Isn't she love-a-ly.....

Isn't she won-der-ful.....

My $1.00 adoption.
I will love her as one my own!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Surprise Revealed....and a Revelation!

My Surprise Winter Trip revealed

can you guess where i went?

recognize this?

This is the giveaway for sure!.....


Jackson Hole!

My sister and my Molly
(molly surprised us with a stay at the Raquet Club she has
a timeshare at)

There was fun everywhere i looked

We were too early to see the Big guy....oh well..maybe next time.  ;)

Cowgirl statues and art filled the exquisite Wort hotel in Jackson Hole.

We even headed up to Teton Village and ate at the

Mangy Moose!

yum yum

With no children in tote...

You can bet we did our fare share of shopping in adorable downtown Jackson!


if you are in jackson hole doing a little
boutique hunting,,,,,

You absolutely cannot miss

"Bet The Ranch"

in gaslight alley.

The cutest gal owns it, she is muy mucho talented... and is working on her webstie...

Check  it out:

Thanks gals for a great weekend!

Now for the Revelation:

While It is true............

I am totally at a point in my life that i should be wondering if the "universe"

hates me.

I should be scared to get my chubby thighs outta bed every morning

due to the fact that more could go wrong.... could get even harder to continue to tread water.

(i said chubby thighs cuz my butt isnt big....yet....

but my thighs are growing at an alarming rate.)

Moving on..............

but here is the thing...............

I am soooooo BLESSED!

i have everything a girl could hope for!

I have An amaaaazing family that loves me....

A roof over my head...(so my name isnt on the title....


and i have friends....

oodles and oodles of friends!

Beautiful, intelligent, kind, women of virtue in my life!

Therefore ........

i consider myself to be one of the