Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Thing about Making a Decision...

The thing about making a decision is.......

that it usually affects those around you too.

That is a big responsibility to have.

 Ya know????.....

As if it's not hard enough to make choices for your own good.....

then you have to keep in mind the well being of  others too!

In making the decision to travel with Hubby and live Hotel to hotel ....

I truly tried to look at it from all points.....

I analyzed how it would fare with the children.

Would it have negative social repercussions for them.

No playdates and interactions with classmates or neighbor kids to teach them to work out arguements....
to excercise sharing (for the younger two at least)....

or just to fill the basic social needs that children have.

Mind children were use to daily playdates if not multiple times a day

with multiple playmates!


I am a big believer in the following theory:

Do what you feel is right,  and the rest will take care of itself.

There were a million details in my life that could have prevented
me from taking this Journey.

All i knew for sure was that a Family deserves a chance to be together.

I  prayed that the other million details would "fall in to place"

Some of them did!

Others fell out of my life and that is okay too!

Today i was pondering this while i sat at my out-ffice in the park.

The children have played with dozens of  new friends a day.

Each day at the playground or the museum or even at the hotel...

the children have found friends young and old to play with.

The staff just adores them and coddles them!

We have even gone on playdates with another mommy and her little boy that
are here visiting their traveling worker dad.

I'm getting some well needed socializing in too.

"Minor Details Darling" .....I'm sure that is what God thought as i toiled for hours 
"what - iffing"  over every tiny potential problem that we might encounter.

This is just further proof to me that the Big Guy is in charge of it all.

.......and He's got it covered!

xoxo  shell


  1. You go girl! I don't think I have ever made a decision in my whole life without completely over analyzing it! I am glad you are socializing cuz you are the best at it! Maybe you can handout BOM's at the park too :)That would be awesome :)

  2. you are such an inspiration :) before coming out here i tried to get pat to switch hotels so we would be closer to town. now i know why we were meant to stay at the lovely comfort inn of walla walla :) i am so glad we met you and your beautiful family! you are doing such a great job...don't ever doubt that!!! thank you so much for being our morning buddies...we will miss you guys. if we're lucky...maybe we'll get to share crazy breakfast times in the future.
    happy travels
    tracy...and liam too :)