Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Sad Story and a Happy one to Trump it.


Maybe you noticed that i have been posting generic photos lately.....

My camera died about one week ago.

Not just battery dead died.......

but like, ain't never takin another picture again, broke!

It was only one month old!

Not so fond of Olympus brand cameras!

My daily cash  ration envelopes would fall desperately out of balance if

I splurged for a new camera right now i'll try to keep finding yummy

generic photos for you!

Now for the Happy..


Kenzie woke up yesterday to a little surprise.

Outside our room was a beautiful little flower arrangement....

Not the kind you order from a flower shop....

or pick up from the grocer.....

But the kind someone picked out of there flower garden with you in mind!

We did our detective work.....

Turns out it was from a woman in House Keeping

Did i say woman?

I meant an angel.

She made our day... (our month more like it)

She had picked them  from her own garden just to brighten our day!

Mission Accomplished! 

thank you Judy!

Xoxo  shell

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  1. RACHELLE! How did I not know you had a blog?? we miss you so much! I only had time to read this single post tonight, but I will log on tomorrow and catch up, I can't wait! Love you!