Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Virtual Halloween Party

Here is your Invitation!

Walk up my street .....

to my Big Spooky House...

choose a pumpkin to carve....

come on in.....

and enjoy the decor....


Feast on  some spooky snacks...

as the night goes on, 
we will set the mood for some after dark festivities..

let's head outside to the  Old Barn...

pumpkin carving anyone? about a bonfire?

Thank you for coming to my virtual halloween Party!
Sooo glad you could make it!

Grab a goody bag and climb on to the carriage for a ride home....

Thanks for letting me live out my annual Halloween Party Online!

In a few years ...when i have a home to call my own...

You are invited to the real deal!

xoXO  shell


  1. Thanks for a great party! I had a blast. My favorite was pumpkin carving in your barn and the bonfire. Can we do it again next year?

  2. And you know we'll be there! RJAKLEB

  3. That was so awesome! Best party I've been to all year!

  4. Loved the party. I'm RSVPing for next year too!

  5. Thanks Shell! Always a blast! Luv ya, but I sure am missing the real deal- now where do I wear my new costume? Guess i'll have to scare the little kiddies that come to my lair on Halloween night! HEE-Hee! luv, your sis