Saturday, October 10, 2009


This is the Antique Fair that i attended in Walla Walla at the

Fairgrounds under the Pavillion. 

It was Utterly Delicious!

I am telling you What gurrls!......

I now have lived.

There was  treasure every where i looked!

I was without children and dog for the first time in literally 34 days.

(since matt left for washington before us)

I took in every moment of silence and let my eyes take in all the eye candy.....

as i floated around on my lil cloud 9

i know my calling now.

i need my truck back.

i will travel with matt and do the shows that happen to be 

in the same area as me.  

i will load up my truck with treasures for all and head off to market.

Of course, there are a lot of details to work out but.....

i think i can make it work!

Maybe after the new year!

House of Whimsy's
.......Gypsy Lemonade Stand.......

What do you think?
I could give my house of whimsy decor a new breath of life.

I wish i could have taken more pics....

but my brand new camera works when it feels like it.

and apparently it was feeling spotty last night.

This gals is just good ol' fashioned lemonade.
with little fresh raspberrys inside.....
and crushed ice in it.....

with a little umbrella floatin near the silver straw!

xoxo  shell

Check out this car i came across....

This is not the prettiest thing right now....

but i would restore it to it's former beauty and put some whitewall tires on it....

i would drive this sucker!


  1. I can already picture the fam and Bailey hanging their heads out window as you drive that car. J

  2. Shell, you forgot to say the Antique fair was just not the same without my sister there enjoying every minute of it with you!