Monday, October 26, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Gypsy

We wake up at 8:00 every morning...

And without fail this is what we wake up to....


Kenzie loves the hotel breakfast. It's not like the one mom doesn't make!  LOL

She has actually gotten mad when we missed it and told me...

"Thanks A Lot MoM!  You knew that Their breakfast is special to my heart!!!"

......We havent missed one since!

Next we head to the room for Homeschool time.

Mekenzie and Kade (when he can stand it) sit down for

Ms. Mummy  to begin their lessons.

We have a review of the previous lesson first and then we start in

on the new lesson.

Kie just terrorizes the room while we do school.

It aint ever pretty!

Then we make lunch in the room from supplies in

our tiny fridge.

(Mondays are for going to the local Walmart and fillin up the fridge....

vaccuuming out the car and LLLLLLaundry! lotsa laundry in the hotel laundry room.)

After eating we head to a Park when weather permits.

We find all kinds of  Playgrounds and parks to test out!

When it's raining we hang out in Local grocery stores ....
(i'm serious)

or go on a field trip.

Weve been to the Children's Museum which was small but great~

the Walla Walla Fort Museum...It has a small settler town and  great exhibits!

We have also been to the  St. Vincent De Pauls and Good Will thrift stores many a time!

We head back to "home" or the hotel room and (reluctantly) finish up school.

Daddy gets home around 4 each day WAHOO!!!!!  
(no 2 hour commute here)

THen he gets cleaned up and we head out to dinner.

Once a week it's a restaurant but usually

it's less glamorous...Taco Bell or Mc D's (YACK!)

In the evening it's A Movie in the room.
(we brought a dvd player and our own movies)
(Friday nights we go to a real theatre with snacks in tote to save money!)
We've seen G-FOrce in  3D, Where the Wild Things Are,  Cloudy with a Chance
of Meatballs....and Astro Boy!


....We go Swimming, Swimming , in the Swimming Hole...

Kie justs hangs out in the hot tub.

Then it's the ol' bedtime routine...

Songs, family prayer, we read Scriptures together and then
of course,  a childhood story from both matt and I....

Kenzie's Orders!
(after 6 years, we are running out and lotsa re-runs occur)
or mom makes up stories about

"Chipy the Monkey and his Adventurous Life"

Thats About it Friends!

I wonder how we will do sleeping in seperate spaces when we
 get home for the holidays?

We are kinda gettin use to being soooo close to one another....

And There You have it ....

A day in the Life Of Our lil' gypsy family.

xoxo  shell


  1. Do you and Matt go to bed at the same time as the kids? Whenever we are at a hotel, that is the worst. Sitting in the dark at 8:30 b/c your kids are sleeping. Fun post!

  2. Quite the life Ma'am.

    I hate, hate, hate routine. I know that kids thrive on it, and I've found one that actually worked pretty well for off-track time...but the same thing every day makes me insane!! I wonder why?

  3. I don't know Jasmine... but I second her comment about routines making her insane... I don't know when my sis Shell started thinking they were okay? She has always hated them. So, good for you Shell!

  4. yah- i dont like other people inflicting their schedules and routines upon me...

    i dont like to have to be somewhere at a certain time.....

    i think i have control issues...;)

    but i'm all about doing my own thing!

    oh and i'm no natzi about my schedule!

    i love a good rebellion from routine too!

  5. I can attest to Shell's drive to do her own thing. It started to become obvious back in '83. Getting ready to enter kindergarten...Boy, do I have some "independant child" stories to tell!

  6. Honestly, it will probably take the kids a while before they begin using any space again... we found that out when trying out a big house for size... too much space... but then again, they knew it before didn't they?

  7. yah youre probably right tiffany...i'm sure i will be yelling.."why are you all so close to me right now? spread out!"