Thursday, October 29, 2009

2 Quick Funnies

The first funny story..............

I asked Kenzie to say a prayer in the car yesterday while we were headed
to Kennewick, another  town (one with a mall) , about an hour away.

We were on the same road  as the horrible accident that we encountered on Sunday.

I was a little nervous to be driving on it since I found out it was a highly dangerous

stretch of road.

So  Kenzie  said her prayer and asked that we would have a safe trip to Yakima.

And then she giggled.

After the prayer she was still giggling.

I said         "you are silly.  We arent going to Yakima."

She giggled harder and said.....

"I know!  I was teasing Heavenly Father!  Now he thinks we are going to Yakima!"

I cried i laughed sooo hard. and i pee'd.  just a little though.  ;)

The 2nd funny.......

Kie is one of those toddlers that you swear will grow up to be a nudist.

She is absolutely constantly gettin nakey.

We must dress her between 10-15 times in a day.

Yet each time you look over at her .....


She is buck Nakey again.

That's not the worst part though......

She will try to maull you while she is nakey!

Very awkward.

So whenever i spot her strippin  down i yell


hoping to discourage the act.

 I've had to yell a lot today.

  8 times so far today .

So 20 minutes ago i reallize she is sitting on my arm and she is ....



I stared her in the eyes amazed at her blatant disobedience 

I was just about  to yell

but before i  could....

she leans in very close to  my face , like eye to eye with me and  puts her lips

right on mine and whispers  ..."  Shhhhhh  Mama"


Precious Children. Light of my life!



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  1. What is it with two year old girls and nudity?? I cannot keep ms. Lucy in clothing. My boys never did this. And.... she thinks she is potty trained, which she is totally not. So off goes the diaper and pretty soon there is potty (both #1 and #2) on my floor. Not so fun.
    What cute kids you have.