Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ugly Phase

I know that all women go through phases where they feel

ugly .....

But i have reason to believe that my ugly phase may be the new me!!!!

In fact, i am kinda freaking out!

It's not just because i am turning 30 in 4 days.

I am sure that isnt helping though.

Poor does not look good on me.
(matt wants me to use the term frugal, he assures me were not poor)

Either way , in my attempt to be "frugal", i have let myself go

in a major way!

I need my hair cut and colored
(becauz apparently my natural hair color is now a mouse poo brown and a rusty orange-ish)

i need my eyebrows waxed or mowed,,, either one will  work

despite my olive green complexion- i am very white right now...

so pretty much i probably  look  sea sick  colored.

My nails are bit off (nerves)

and my cuticles are bleeding (also nerves)

I wouldnt have ever thought that i was a high maintenance  person

but i obviously have been buying my  "pretty" for the last 5 years of my life or so.

And then there was that outburst i had about there being no malls around here.

that isnt helping my -not high maintanence - arguement at all.

Which brings us to the fact that i could use an updated winter wardrobe.

i am still sporting flip flops and rolled up jeans.

(not french rolled jeans with skinny ankles.....

i'm ugly but i'm not a complete dufus!)

"They call me mellow yellow".....that is what they should sing....my teeth that is.

OH and my under eye circles.......

I could be uncle fester for Halloween.

Yah i'll just shave my head and my eyebrows and

sport a trench coat for the rest of the year.

That will save me all kinds of loot!

There are always trench coats at the Good will thrift store.

You dont have to leave comments trying to convince me that i am


I'm not.

My heart drops in my chest when i look in the mirror.

I try not to look in it.

I know i should pray that i can feel good about myself .....

but then i'll just feel pretty and everyone around me will still be seeing crusty me.


When i get home next week it's on like donkey kong!

i'm gonna put extreme makeover to shame.

My momma always said

"we may be poor but we dont have to look like it"

So salon (and southtown mall)  here i come!


  1. Oh Shell... I don't think you could be ugly if u tried!! And if you think that this is a way to the the crown back (from the lady who picks up poo with her bear hands) you can't have it. I know that you are gorgeous inside and out. Cheer up lady.... everyone loves you for you!!
    The soon to be crown holder in Bay City

  2. Nothing wrong with a little pampering here and there, but the person we love lies within that mortal shell (no pun intended). Love you, J

  3. Ok- I am not going to give you unsolicited (right!) compliments. I just want to see what you look like when you are as old as I am..then we can comisserate together.