Friday, October 2, 2009

Sending Shout Outs!!!

*****Kie is my youngest daughter's name

******For those of you who know my daughter and my niece.......

you would be familiar with their nicknames.

for 6 years now we have referred to them as "Boo"  (my niece)

and "Lou"  (my daughter).

So i got a kick out of this sign...the boutique is named Boo Lou 

representing the nicknames she had given her own daughters.

****** Then of course the Hot Mama's sign is representative of all

my Hot Mama friends!  You know who you are!   =)

******The GM  of the hotel we are staying in sent us to
another Comfort Inn  to stay at while we were going to be on vacation along 
the  Oregon Coast.

We pulled up into the town where we would be staying......

It was named "Bay City"  Oregon.

I had to laugh...

I grew up in Baycity Michigan.......  Fun Fun!

*****  My step brother and sisters last name is Wheeler.

****All done with my shout outs!****
Stay tuned for more!
Thanks Peeps!

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  1. Thank you for stoppig by my place recently. I was very touched by your sweet attitude toward your challenges in life right now. Keep up the good work because you're right...Family is everything. You just do whatever it takes. : )
    Take care,