Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Greater the Sacrifice.....

I  missed my first G.N.O. with my  Bonko gals.

We have been meeting up once a month, every month, for the past 8 or more


It bothered me more than i thought it would........

I was really bummed until i reallized that Lou Lou (kenzie)

has been missing out on her ballet classes with her bestest friend Boo.


This would be the first year she hasn't taken dance at Gramma's dance

studio in 4 years....

She has asked me a couple of times if she could call Boo on the phone

and say hello......then she adds..."or is she at dance class?"

It breaks my heart.

But i know it's all necessary right now.....

I know we are doing the right thing....

That makes it bearable but there is still that twinge of  sickness in my gut

when i think about it for too long.


Matt missed out on his favorite time of year  for the second year 

now.  (the first time was due to Kie being born,  he was literally tracked down in the

mountains and told to get to the hospital... he made it just in time!)

He works really hard.  It's really the only "just Matt"  thing that he has

to look forward to all year......

He has handled it really well though.  We are so blessed to have such

a good provider and loving man at the head of our house!

Kade and Kie aren't beyond the Sacrifices either.

Kade was very excited to start his first year at Preschool.

He had picked out his backpack and told everyone who would listen that he

was gonna be a big boy and go to the same Preschool as  his cousin Brayden did.

He was at a stage where he really needed that social interaction with his peers....

Kie is at that age where exploring her surroundings is really a big deal....

It's hard because she doesnt really have a space to call her own and do as she pleases in...

She is constantly being shoo' d  out of everyones belongings.

So's hard but ......

You know What?

We are learning a very, very Valuable Life Lesson here.....

Delayed gratification!   

I for one, need that skill  and am happy to have an oppurtunity to learn

it right along with my children.

We are definately sacrificing......

but in the end.....

We will enjoy the fruits of our labors.....

And until then....

Together,     we shall...


xoXo  shell

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  1. We have really felt a loss here also, but I really can't even comprehend how it might feel to be on that side of the equation. You were very much missed at Bonko, we love you and look forward to seeing at the next one. P.S. Boo still doesn't want to believe that Kenzi really is not coming to dance this year. So maybe Kenzi is still there in her thoughts and heart. Love you all! Tell Kade that we miss his excited face every time he would see us (You know that face- the one that looks like he hadn't seen us in weeks, even though it was just hours ago. Love ya Kade, Drew misses you bud.

  2. Sounds like it's time for new traditions!! You are doing so well Rachelle. I know that change is so very hard and (sucks rocks)....but sometimes you have to just change everything. New traditions, new things to look forward to, new focus, new outlook....and after awhile, new becomes old and as hard to change as old was.

    How's that for optimism? Didn't know I had it in me did ya?

  3. thanks sister! kade was overjoyed to hear your noye for him. he pretty much was wearing that same face!

    i am so lucky, so have friends like you! i hadnt thought of creating new traditions! that will be fun to think up!

  4. I am sitting here, tears streaming down my face, for the whole gammit of emotions I am feeling right now...namely, heartstrings being, JERKED at; pride in the strength, courage, and love that my daughter's possess; amazement at the perspective they have found to deal with times that are so emotionally difficult; and last, but not least, profound LOVE for Rebecca & Rachelle and the amazing mother, wife, sister, daughter & friend that they have both managed to become. And I am pleased to boast that their brother, Josh, is just as amazing. If I got to start all over and God asked me "what children would you like to get when you get to earth?" I would not change a thing! Everything we have gone through has made us the people we are today, and I would hate to think of who we would be had anything been different.

  5. love you mom! thanks for showing us the way!

  6. Yes, this is the AMAZING! Joshua that is talked about finally! thank you, thank you... your all far too kind! ha ha j/k I can't compose like the girls in my family I just found out! wow! In all three of you girls writings i find myself getting out the dictionary just to be able to fallow along. You three may have the writing skillz but none of you can tell a story like the scherf boys!! Well me and Amanda love and miss you all very much! and to my homie Shell, stay up dawg!
    love you girls! love Amanda and THE GREAT: Joshua