Friday, October 16, 2009

Halloween Excitement is a Brewing


So we can't throw our annual Halloween Bash that we look
forward to as a family each year.....

SO WHAT!......

We can still dress up and jam Halloween Music and eat CANDY...
(preferably the chocolate type)

We are getting ready here.....

Costumes are bought and we've got a halloween tablecloth on the table
in our room.

We even have strand lights to hang....

spooky ones! 

We are looking forward to Trick or Treating in a new area!

Kade will be Count Dracula....
(a super handsome one)

Kenzie a GO GO Pumpkin girl...
(her name is going to be Pumpkin Spice.)

Kie will be a Yard Gnome!
(big tall pointy hat and all)

Me...a witch..a pink one!

Matt still has to pick out his costume...

He is usually pretty Festive  cuz he knows how important it is to me!

We are ready for the big BOO  here!

So what are YOU being this Hallow's Eve?

Do Share!

photo from  Country Living . Com
vintage halloween party

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  1. OK, I took care of business - got my "profile" taken care of. And I wanted to let you know that you stole my idea!!! Getting ready here for WITCHAPALOOZA and my GREAT idea was to be a PINK WITCH!!! Can you believe that?????