Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Now that we have access to the internet agian....
(after one whole entire week  ;)

....I have a lot to blog about to get us current.

Let's see...there was the 10 hour drive home from Washington last Friday

...we wanted to make it home in time for Halloween.

We were sure that Trick or Treating with Family and Friends was all the "treat"  we needed!

The ride home was great.  Kids were very cooperative.

So there ended up being significantly less spankings on the side of the road than

origionally planned for!  (  we have never actually pulled over and spanked a child.)
(We have however threatened it a number of times.)

Kenzie was sure we were just going in circles.  Each time we would see a Comfort Inn
sign,  she would announce..."see!  i told you we were going the wrong way!"

I don't remember not trusting my parents to navigate me around.
and they weren't even equipt with a Global Positioning Satellite (gps) like we are now a day.

Kie was great until Bountiful and then she repeated " All Done "  over and over again.             

I didnt mind though.....she was just stating out loud what we were all thinking.


...Arriving "Home"......

We gleefully jumped out of the car and darted for the door of our house
eager to be in familiar surroundings.

This homecoming was bittersweet!

We all ran around extatic to be in each room of the house if only for a few seconds a peice.

Kade kept yelling "It's so clean!!!!!"

Kie just dug right in and played in her own room...happy for space and toys!

Kenzie was just glowing as she ran to her bed ...happy there were no crumbs in it!

See, when you live in a hotel room....the beds double as sofas and desks....and kitchen tables .

I was just adoring my decorations and the warm welcoming layout.

and of course....THE ROOM between myself and the next human.

Matt was content as could be.  He immediately began making dinner
on the stove 11 o' clock at night.

Corn on the cob...per kenzie's request for "real food,  healthy food".

It seemed as if the joy would live on forever.

For me though,  it quickly faded away.

In a sense we were "home" .

It was the place we dwelt in and loved in and grew in and learned in for the
past 3 years.

It was full of our belongings.

But it had a FOR SALE sign in the front yard.

and it wasnt the kind of  "for sale" that announced that the family within would soon be moving on to bigger and better things.

No sir.

It was screaming at me  "YOU DONT BELONG HERE ANYMORE"

and it was right.

The plan was to move out all the necessities in the morning light and transplant them

to My In-laws basement.  Where we would reside  temporarily for the next couple of years as we

searched for our place in the world.

Oh how quickly things have changed.

Oh to be back where we were 2 years ago.

To somehow do it all differently.

Preventing this that we face now.

I started down a very non-productive road of  torture....thinking and analyzing...

It paralyzed me and i retreated to my room and buried myself under my blankets

I didnt move until morning.

I needed a good night sleep.

I awoke and quickly threw on My Halloween Cheer!

I made a decision.

I  would enjoy this favorite Holiday of mine!

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  1. I am glad you are home, and I am glad you had such a good time on Halloween. Never beat yourself up for things past, the Lord takes us down the road we need to travel.