Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We All Scream for Icecream!

For   "Home" school.........

we made....

"Home"made Icecream!

( i guess you could call it hotel school
and hotelmade icecream)  ha ha ha...

Takes 8 min. total.
You wanna give it a go????

What you will need for 1 scoop of ice cream:

1 tbsp Sugar
1/4 tsp Vanilla
1/2 C Milk or half and half
6 tbsp Rock Salt
lotsa Icecubes
1 regular size ziplock baggy
1 gallon size ziplock baggy


In the small baggy.... mix milk,sugar and vanilla.
Seal the baggy VERY WELL!

In the large baggy.... drop in 6 tbsp of Rock Salt
and 1/2 the baggy full of ice cubes.

(the ice and Rock salt react when combined
and will  create a  temperature of -1 degree C)

Place the lil' teeny cute baggy inside the big Mama baggy.
Seal her up and shake their brains out!

Shake for like 5-7 min or until mix is creamy slush.

It gets super duper chilly beaner on your hands so maybe
wrap a hand towel around the bag while shakin it!


*You could add a super tiny bittle o' cooking coaco for chocolate icecream (like less than a tbsp).
or use Pineapple juice  instead of mild and vanilla to create a sorbet!

xoxo  shell


  1. Vacaville sounds so nice. Is it a warm part of CA and is it by the beach? :)

  2. Hi Beautiful Lady!You are my hero.You may learned somethings from me, but I am learning MUCH, MUCH more from you!You never miss an opportunity to do stuff for your babies.Love you lots, miss you even more. :(
    Hugs & Kisses for everyone...Your Mommy!

  3. hey kristi-

    This part of California isnt so warm. it's definately warmer than Michigan and Utah both but 50-55 degrees max right now.

    ;) It is a very family friendly lil town though! love it! lotsa stuff to do.

    we are close to the sanfrancisco bay...1 hour or so. We will definately visit there soon!

  4. mom- you are a hoot!

    love ya toooooo muches!