Saturday, January 16, 2010


Like the great song says.....

At different times In our Lives...

We  Experience  different seasons.


And Throughout the course of our entire life we will
 likely experience  a very vast spectrum of seasons.

There will be

Times when we should stand up and

 Times when we should take a seat and
enjoy the ride

Times when we

Times when we are the student

Times when we will need
the strength of  others

Times when we will
have to branch away from the crowd
and think for ourselves

There are times when need to
put on our shoes and work

....and then times to kick off 
our shoes and dance

There may come a time when  

We let go of our grip on
the past.....

...just let it go....

and in good faith....
 focus on the future

and all the wonders it holds....

all the happiness that lies ahead....

all the adventures that await!


You should make time to
Frolic in the Sand!

xoxo  shell


  1. Wish we were frolicing in the sand with you and the fam. J

  2. We miss you guys! I wish we could come out to hang with you guys next week. :( Darn puppies! But hey, we have them all sold! Love ya!