Monday, January 11, 2010

Here and There

This post might be kinda all over the place.

Since our life is sorta  .....



That's how it feels anyway.

I made a roast complete with potatoes and carrots
in the hotel room on Saturday morn
so that when all the wifeless men got home from work, they 
could have a nice home cooked meal.

It cooked all day and then Matt called to inform me
that The Big Boss was treating all the guys to Sushi that night.

sounds about right....

oh well.

Sunday we missed church. 
We still hadnt been able to locate one and get a time.


We had to go to the Beach.

Bummer huh!

hee hee

I was drooling all the way there.
My poor husband had to drive really slow so i could
"ooh"  and "ahhh" over all the old barns through Napa Valley.

I was eatin' up all the old Farm Houses and
Lil main street Shops on the way to our




Dillon Beach.

(you might remeber we had to be towed for 3 hours from dillon beach to
san francisco last year after losing the rental car keys on the beach.)

That ended up being our $800.00 day at the Beach.

Here are some of the Yummy things i saw on my travels.

We felt like we were driving through Scotland with all the Green Hills and Sheep.

We had a wonderful day
at the beach and on the way there too!

xoxo  shell

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