Tuesday, January 12, 2010

From the Deepest, Most Honest Part of me....


I know that i keep talking about
 our day trips and posting pictures of the
amazing, fun and beautiful things we run into.....

But there is another aspect to our life on the road.

One that just isn't very photogenic.

So i tend to avoid blogging about it.

Actually, to be honest,  i avoid thinking much about it.

Sometimes,  it's like my blinders slip off.

and all of a sudden i can see clearly where i am.

And it is this strange eery feeling.

I don't like what i see.

My heart drops.

But then....

I look around and my husband, my kids, and me...

we are alive, healthy........  TOGETHER

That calms my panic attack for a bit.
But....... the fact of the matter is ...

This is where we lice.

(sorry Freudien slip).

I meant to say....

where we live.


It isn't pretty.
But it's real.

It's motivating me for sure.

and well....

it is what it is.





This is our Kitchenette.
No granite.  No stainless steel.  But our food still tastes the same as it use to.

This is the view from the kitchen.  2 double beds and a pack n go
for the 5 of us.   Theres not 4 inches of memory foam or
feathered pillows...but we still get the rest our bodies need.

This is our dining table.
There is just one chair.  But we still find a way to sit around it together
come meal time. Wether it be on rubbermaids or whatever.

This is our Family dresser/ t.v. stand/ counterspace.
It works.

This was the 3 in 1 play table that we surprised the kids with.
It's not their old playroom, but they still  get to use their imaginations and giggle together here.

We travel via elevator to get to the.......

I really do miss tossing the trash right outside.
But it never stinks up our garage and we don't have to haul it to the curb.

    We are learning to be happy in less than ideal situations.
I'm not gonna lie,  it is a learning process.  I havent mastered it yet.
Somedays i feel like trash.  Somedays i feel like we are somehow
"less" of the persons  i use to be.   It was easy for me to feel important or  worthy of
acceptance when i lived in a big fancy house and drove nice cars.
While those things were all amazingly wonderful....
I'm learning that they didnt say a thing about the type of person i am.

and likewise....living in a hotel....a dirty lil' hotel.... driving a suck truck....
doesnt say a thing about the type of person that i am.  I have a lot to offer to those around me.

I just need to remember that who i am isnt based on what i have.  I'm learning.

Well, thanks for stopping by.
Hope to see you again real soon.

xoxo  shell


  1. Rachelle... we've learned, as have you... it is these times that carve our character deep. Those who don't have to experience what we have... never will be able to understand or relate... and when it is over, you and I both will look back on our situations and be better, appreciate better, love better and realize better, smell, see, hear, feel and taste better huh?

  2. You are one amazing woman! Your family is sure blessed to have you. It is so true that material things don't define who we are. The best thing is you have a happy healthy family and you are TOGETHER!!!

  3. yay! you have a kitchenette!!!! you are doing an amazing job...such an inspiration :)