Friday, January 29, 2010

Land of Imagination

Sunshine Yesterday

=The Search for Worthy Playgrounds was ON!

The restless elfin creatures

climbed to fantastic heights

and looked out over the wild blue Yonder

in Hopes of Spying an Arena of sorts...

to romp and play in.

"PlayGround HO!"

The frolicsome lil' pirates cried.

Merrymaking was within our grips!


A Skip and A Jump and......

Pleasure in Play was OUrs!

It was as though a whole new world had

been discovered.

Frolicking and cartwheels

were long overdue!

But Alas,

A jolly good time was under way!

lovin' the sunshine....


p.s.  even the tiresome mother elf joined in
and played guard of Teribithia.  Marching with
large stick in hand, around the fortress, protecting

the inhabitants therein.

Great fun was had by ALL.


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