Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sounds Like Life

It is a new year and definately a new start for our Family!

We have left Salt Lake City and  are kicking 2010 off in Vacaville , CA.

The plan is to stay here until at least April.

In an Extended Stay Hotel....

The 5 of us...




this time.

We thought Bailey would be better off at Gramma and Grampas this time.

The kids kind of maull her when they get bored in the hotel room.

 It creates a whole nother issue  that we just don't need right now.

We miss our Bailey dog terribly already.

She usually goes wherever we go....on trips,

to the beach, to the mountains hiking, to stores.....

She is just part of the Fam.

She knew something was wrong when we were packing the car up.

She kept right by my side making whining noises.

I kept crying and petting her and kissing her.

She knew.

It broke my heart.

But had to happen.

Thats the way life is sometimes.

Usually anything worth while comes with hardship.

To prove ourselves we have to face obstacles and overcome them.

....I must be on the right path.....


Ones that will reap Great Blessings in the long run.

I love the song

"Sounds Like Life To Me"

it has become our new theme song.

Our Motto is

"The Best is Yet to Come"....
"He never said it would be easy....

He only said

it would be worth it"

Xoxo  shell

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