Tuesday, January 19, 2010


We clocked out for the day
and hit up the old nut tree.

...plaza...the nut tree plaza.

Did we have a good time?

Well it was better than gettin stung by a bee.

...And by that i mean...

like a whole lot better.

cuz i don't really find it very enjoyable to

be stung by a bee.

Infact,   i now can see that it wasnt really

effective for me to compare our fun day to

being better than a bee sting.

sooo  if you don't have any where to be....

I now would like a moment to rephrase

that statement.

Yes we did have fun.

It was better than not even going at all.

which would have not been fun.

to just stay at the hotel.

and to not have left. 


we had more fun than being stung by a bee in the hotel room.

Definately funner than those things.

xoxo  shell

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  1. Darling, darling pics of the kiddos!
    And I absolutely LOVED your last post. Very introspective. Keep up the good work. : )