Saturday, January 30, 2010

The " Loots " of my Labors

monogrammed with an R  for Rachelle i'm sure

I Stormed onto the Thrift Store Scene

Bright and Early today!

and these are the

"Loots" of my Labors!

Set of 4

Love, love, loved, the earthy print and the colors!

Pewter napkin rings

Me loveth Pewter!

i fell in love with the lil bunny cloche

.....and then the big stuff....

the stuff that gets hubby going....

and not in a good way....

old luggage... is old and black and

(and did you notice the piece behind the luggage?)....

This is the one that i am gonna have to

bat my eyelashes for....

How will we get it back to Utah in April????

Don't know.  Didn't care.  Bought it.
Love it.  Will find a way!

The design on the front cabinet....spoke to me..

The chippy paint called out to me...

My heart danced at the sight of the old hardware...

and then much to my delight....

i opened it up and found this....

The secret lil' secretary inside begged me to 
carry her home!

and for
i did!

xoxo shell 


  1. For 18 bucks, how could you not buy it? Fabulous!

  2. I hope i win the secretary desk...since my name doesn't start with a J... I HAVE to win it...right??