Friday, March 5, 2010

Old School

I met this guy.
He wears a black leather jacket and
slicks his hair back real neat like.

He's hot on me ....i can just tell.

They call him  "the Fonz".

He invited me to a diner to

"just hang out"

I obliged.

I love me some old school diner joints!

Ummm.....i think

 he had something else in mind.....

Cuz when the fam and i walked in....

He looked a little confused.

He stormed out saying he needed to

go punch something...

He was asking everybody...

"where is Potsie?"


It was so strange.

But i have that affect on make believe boys

in my head.

Ahh  well.
Whadda ya gonna do?

We ended up having a great time!
It is our fav. place to eat around here!

Everyone likes something on the menu...

(that is a miracle in itself)

and mom gets to fill a need and check out

all the vintage stuff on the walls.

and if you are really cool...

(and you know the fonz)..

i guess you get to sit at a table with a

juke box!

We are "eatin up" our adventurous life

on the road!


xoxo  shell

1 comment:

  1. Is that right in Vacaville? I love it. We wold eat there too. In fact, we'd sit in the booth next to you and swap kids back and forth. Love you, J