Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Treasure Jackpot

My computer has been down all week so

I haven't been able to get my "eye candy" fix from

all the blogs!  

Instead i started reading magazines....

and then....

what other choice did i have.....

But to treasure hunt?

The voices in my head told me to buy shiny things!

...and old things!

and i am a very obedient girl by nature...

Vintage laces and other sewing goodies

Crowns and gold and glass!!!!

Go to The Ball?  But of course!

Zippers and trims... From back in the day.

I thought the book on the bottom would be
fun to set out around Halloween!

Can you picture the Pretty ladies sittin' around

the card table playin while their hubby's were out


Plant Pegs!

Goods in the Kitchen!

Old baskets...and a

Handmade In Hong Kong...Woven Purse!

Those  Lil' Voices are always  gettin me in trouble with the

Hubby!   GRrrr

What is the best treasure you've stumbled across

Share with us!!!

xoxo  shell


  1. Cheap flowers at IKEA, what can I say? J

  2. Re- re-re finished a card catalog. I hope I finally like it! I also found a tabletop mirror in my mom's garage and a shelf that she said I can refinish and have. Now I need a Rachelle/Jill party to give me ideas. Star Mill opened last weekend...

  3. Loving the plant pegs. THose are super cool. And the vintage lace. Nice. Star Mill is calling my name too.....let's go play!