Monday, March 8, 2010


The hotel where we have been staying for

the past 2 1/2 months is

the "Josie Grossie" of  hotels.

That is the best way i can describe it.

Not only was there a rampant case of Bed bugs...

i know, i know...


But there were a handful of arrests for

drugs and prostitution...

and there  were  a slew of   "Dirt Ball Pauls"  there.

The kids and I managed to avoid contact

with both of the above plagues for the most part!

Until this week that is.

A guy started saying creepy things to me
the past few times we have run into him at the hotel.

So when the hotel informed us that they
had sold our room and many others' to a group of
carni-folk and they were relocating us to a room
with 1  bed.....


......i felt like a loser before...

5 of us with 2 beds.

It was  hilarious to me that

this further development even came up!

I really had thought that we had reached rock bottom.

I was apparently wrong.

It can always get worse.

I love my family.

I love my life.

i love the gospel of Jesus Christ!

I have so much to be thankful for 

and so much to enjoy around me...

that it is hard to get down about anything.

We laughed,

bought a  blow up mattress, and were ready to

"roll with the punches"....

but in the end...

we would have been moving right across the hall from the
"Chester" that has been saying wierd things to me.


We have changed hotels!

I decided that being super thrifty with the
per-diem  travel money from Matt's company
was cool and all but.........

not worth sacrificing our lives!

So my newly Cheap self,
finally agreed to move to the
fancy-dancy hotel up the road.

It was the only other option around.

I feel like a Princess in a Palace!

I have to admit though......

I am getting a little "dizzy" from

the ride they call ...LIFE!

but hey....





xoxo shell


  1. I say good for you! Bed bugs and creepy carnies are no bueno. Now maybe you can swim in the pool without running the risk of conceiving someone else's child. (oh man! i did NOT just go there!)

  2. I am glad you have found someplace better. Now you can drive past the old place, and say, "remember when!"

  3. Yeah! We are VERY happy for you and feel better w2ith up 'up the road' from the creepies. Love you. J