Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's a Colorful Life

They say that your wardrobe reflects your mood.

Well i do believe they may be on to something.

I am a muted color palette kind of gal.

But for some reason, i woke up and
Put on lots o color...

and then we headed to the Nursery to
see what California  has to offer in the way of  Flowers!

These Munchkids begged for mercy.

"who cares!" 

they cried!

I didnt want the flowers to hear them
and feel sad....

So i decided to take them to TCBY and

punish them with Calories.

I forced them to  not only eat it but to bask in it
for my amusement!

I have no authority whatsoever!
They laugh at me when i try.
They literally chuckle in my face.

Sooo little respect around here.

for the flowers....

for their Mother....


i say let the Village Raise them.




  1. Beautiful pics of the garden shop and your family!
    Oh, how I would like the village to raise my kids!

  2. How darling they all are! My grandson would feel the same way, only with more drama from the boredom!


  3. Wise wise conclusion for one of your tender years! ;)

    Gosh, they're cute, Shell. So is your husband. Good genetic pooling. Go forth and populate the earth......