Monday, March 1, 2010

Beaches and Bungalows

This weekend was Hubby's weekend off.

He works so hard  6 days a week

12-14 hours a day.

So we headed to the beach for fresh air
and sunshine!

I would be lying if i said we found peace and
quiet there though...

The 2 youngest cried for 2 hours.

They wouldn't even let us put them down

unless we were very very far from the ocean shore.

The oldest... couldn't get enough of the waves

crashing up onto her legs.

In there defense....

Two weeks ago,  there was a rogue wave that tore up onto

the shore and knocked our legs out from beneath us.

Kaders was washed out to sea and saved by

a quick friend!  Kie-rye was in my arms and had

to endure 3 minutes straight of Mom screaming in her ears

until brother was safe on the shore again.

It was a bit of a travesty that they won't soon forget.

So the point of this trip was to "face fears".

We worried that they would be scared of the Ocean

forever if we didn't push them to get their toes back in.

Then we headed to Sacramento

in search of  yummy Bungalows and



I  peeked into each of the windows and


their were all inhabited in.

We were considering taking up "pro-bono" residence in

one but....

 no luck there.  :)

Lemon Tree in your front yard???


( being that lemon trees don't fare so well in Utah climate..
I actually started trying to figure out what i could use to hang all over a tree
that would look like lemons...)

i know.



a nerd!

i loved the street lamp signs
                                             in this neighborhood!

Can't wait til this lil' gypsy family gets
to settle down in our own lil' storybook cottage!

(speaking of storybook cottages.....)

check out this home plan site:

They don't know it yet....

but they are my future home builder!

They even offer salvaged goods to build with!

have a good week!

xoxo  shell


  1. the one with the lemon tree is ADORABLE!! I'm with your kids on the ocean!! I grew up with a pool and learned to swim when I was 2 years old, but I don't like swimming in something that has a mind of its own (never have liked it).

    When Ty and I were dating we went to Huntington Beach and he lured me out to where we couldn't touch and a stupid rip tide (or whatever you call it) sucked us WAY OUT. I ditched Tyson and the little raft I had at the time and booked it towards shore. I didn't know that you were supposed to swim parallel to the shore, so I guess I'm just lucky that I've never been able to walk or swim in a straight line. :)

  2. Loving those houses! Especially the last one. Even loving the lamp posts.
    Good for you for tackling your ocean fears. How scary for you guys. Glad everyone is okay.

  3. Hey! We were just missing you, so b and I logged in to see your picture. Hope you have a great Thursday (it's almost Friday--yeah!) love you lots, J & B