Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter. Vintage Style

I love all  the vintage lifestyle.

In all it's recycling, green ,  glory!

so for Easter this year i made

the Family's Baskets  outta stuff i had

lying around.

This is One for the girl's....

I found these crocheted lovelies at a Cali. thrift shop

This one is for my boy...
a lil' bit o metal and some Greens.

This poor lil' hoppy is all busted up...

and so i LOVE it!

Happy Easter in one Week!

I will be in Michigan visiting my grandmother
for Easter.

She is in the Hospital there.

She needs a lil'  Easter Cheer.

It will be just my Mom and I on the trip....

So i won't be spending it with my Babies.


But i will be with my Dad and Brother and
G-ma that i never get to spend holidays with.

SO it will Be GReaT!

xoxo  shell


  1. those are adorable!! So glad you are back! Enjoy your Easter!!

  2. G-ma? That's what my children call my Mom! I love it! (she'll be G-G-ma to my grandbabies)

    I hope you have a wonderful time with your G-ma. Safe travels too!

  3. Love those vintage Easter baskets...will have to try and convince Liberty that something like that would be better than last years 'Dora the Explorer' bucket!
    Your pics are a wonderful inspiration, love all the bunnies!

  4. Now that is an awesome idea! Simple too, but the best ones usually are right. I can think of a lot of things to make re-cyled Easter baskets out of. You family is darling!! I sat here reading through your posts, glad your home again! Lisa

  5. You know, I took my photo today and I kept thinking “what is this reminding me of?” I was so tickled by your use of the word “G-ma” that I forgot about seeing that earless bunny! Uncanny for sure!