Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gleaning talents

Just finished packing for Michigan.

and it is probably a very good thing i did.

Grandma has been giving up on recovering...

She just misses her Harley.


she's no motorcycle mama...

She's not missin "A Harley".... she's missin her Harley...

My grandpa's name was Harley.

He was one handsome gent!

Even in the end...

he had a full head of hair and his bangs would swoop down

like James Dean.


This here Little man is his Namesake.

Kade Harley.

and He too is quite handsome if i do say

so myself.

(i may be a lil' bias)
as his mom

Anywho... g-ma is letting go.

and if it means she's going to see G-pa again...

Then i can let her go.

At least i get to spend some time with her

in the hospital...

and let her know how much i adore her.

Always have ...always will.

She is my Crafting role-model...

painting... sewing...quilting...creating...

I always idolized her talents.

K-  i am packed and am bringing an extra


don't tell  hubby...

It's for filling with treasures.

My dad and stepmom are taking me Junking in their

fav.  spots!

(yah-  i got junking from him...

my crafting from g-ma...

and my good looks...

well  those were clearly g-pa Harleys!

Cant wait to see my lil bro and sis-law marie too!

2 of the coolest cats on the Planet!

xoxo  shell


  1. I hope you have a wonderful trip. I admire your love for your grandma. She sounds like a great lady. I am also loving your luggage. Super cute.

  2. Have a sweet time with your g-ma and a blast on your shopping trips.....don't buy anything I wouldn't! : )

  3. Hope the trip goes well! Love the luggage and can't wait to see what you fill the extra suitcase with.
    Enjoy your time with Grandma!

  4. Its so nice that you'll be able to see your Grandma. Have a safe trip.

    That Kade Harley looks like a little charmer- what a cutie!

  5. Have a great trip. Come by when you get back, we miss you. Jenna and Brenna