Monday, March 15, 2010

Charming Old Town

BeeBoppin'  around Walnut Grove
in Northern Cali.

Shop Street?



i Lick columns...

(and no....i didn't mean to type "like"....
i really wanted to "lick" these columns!)

Lil' ole Firehouse

(i would become a Volunteer Firefighter just to say i
worked in that cute lil'  buildin')

Church next to THE OCEAN and a Palm TREE.


If you name it "market st"...
you best have a "Market" on it.

You got my hopes all up!

Did i mention that i also lick rust!

(i know...i is very bad for you... i am thinking about quitting it)

Gas for the trip $60.00

Snacks and Meals on the trip  $30.00

View from the Draw Bridge.....


(well...the view and ...the kids were asleep in the backseat!  :)

and if you've followed me for long enough...
You know that the Exploration of new towns
always ends up at the Local's Park!

Hubby when he is hungry, tired
and all done Exploring...

and bitter about spending the $90.00 bones for the trip!

I also cannot resist old Playground equipment

...(poor Lucy Reynolds Barnes...
the Wisteria was not looking so hot   :(     

and now for .....

Some Advice:
If your gonna plant Wisteria in someones honor....

Water it.

i'm just sayin'

xoxo  shell

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Robin's Egg blues Blog....

she is sooo fun to follow!

xoxo  shell


  1. Your ar so funny, I sure enjoyed visiting your Blog tonight and what a darling picture of you and your family on your sidebar, I am going to go and peek around here a bit more, I will have to bookmark you so I can return again. Hugs, Diane

  2. I found your blog by way of bunny trail and enjoyed spending too much time here nosing around. You're delightful. I'm blessed by your willingness to be with your husband, keeping the family together while he does his traveling job.

    My husband travels as well but flies home on weekends. Our daughter is grown (still lives at home, blessed by that) and once she's married off (soon we're hoping!) and I hand over the keys to my replacement at the school (homeschool umbrella - i'm area administrator) in June, our hope is that I can travel with him a bit. Of course, $ comes into play here.

    Walnut Grove, Ca. ... *very* near my neck of the woods, by 15 miles to be exact. Small world.

    Be safe - blessed - and loved,

  3. Ooooo, such wonderful photos. Thanks for taking us along. Glad you all had a wonderful day exploring.

  4. Hi I just found your blog. It is priceless!
    I have been though hard times also and have learned God is faithful !

  5. I too love rust and columns...although I refuse to lick them. And I adore vintage playground equipment...but no licking there either.

    I love that dejected picture of your husband.

    Just made me laugh!