Friday, April 30, 2010

Door Design


The Hot Pink door:

Kudos to the Pink Porch light bulb
and the  Shnazzy door jewels!

This would be the door for ME!

I'm gaga for the medallion in the center of the door
and the mail slot...and the paint colors too!


The yellow with the bright flowers...


I would lick the old brick and  the knotty bumpish trees...

were i there.... and very very hungry...

or dared to...

for  a buck or too....

I cannot get enough of the glass panes on this door!

This front entrance says:

"WELCOME,  I have great taste,  COme in! "


Meow,  Mommy likes the grasses and the Pom Pom bushes

that stand along side of this door.

The wreath is a big BONUS too.

But i  am uber fond of the Architectural touches above the door!

Yes Please.

I'll take one of each.

for the house that...

i don't have.  :(

  ha ha ha ha!


more time for me to decide on the style i want
for my front door!

xoxo  shell

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  1. Shell, your family is delightfully adorable! I love these door of my favorite subjects for photography. Thank you for visiting my wonderland today and for leaving a sweet comment. Have a great weekend! ~ Angela