Wednesday, April 7, 2010

True Treasures

I just got back from Michigan.

The funeral for Gramma was a beautiful

tribute to her life!

Now i'm here in Utah....

amongst my piles of "things".....

and i am looking at them different.

I have been so focused on Family while

planning the funeral...

that i cant help but see my piles


just that

"piles of  things".

It is my hobby and a passion of mine...

but it is definately not what matters most in this life.

I very much enjoyed learning new things about
my Grandmother and her amazing life!

Grandma and grandpa had a double wedding with grandpa's brother and his fiance.

My grandma and grandpa are on the right.

(check out harley's hair)


xoxo  shell


  1. Fabulous picture, fabulous post and fabulous hair. I love old pics of family!

  2. I love your blog! The photo of your grandparents is wonderful. Are you in the same Petaluma that Cathe Holden is in?
    Thanks so much for stopping by REB and commenting.

  3. Wonderful wedding photo!

    I so enjoy your thinking out loud ~ you put so many ohte peoples' thoughts into words.

    It is all about people and not so much about stuff, isn't it!

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  5. Hi Rachelle, sorry I deleted my former comment.... Thank you very much for your comment and for visiting my blog. You have wonderful children and they look like you so much!!

    I wish you a good weekend (tomorrow is already Friday)

  6. Where are you???? I want to hang and you never call!!