Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Toppins" A Bag and an Embarrasing flashback

Inspired by My dear Friend Miss Mary Poppins....

We were watching Mary Poppins and

"Feed the birds"
"tuppence, tuppence,  tuppence a bag..."

Lou Lou decided she would like to feed the birds...

and squirrels...

and racoons...


The munchkids collected pinecones...

and spread peanut butter on one side

(one side is less messy)

Then they rolled them in wildlife feed...

All there was left to do was ....

Stand in the middle of the town square dressed in


Belting out the chorus....

"Feed the local wildlife and birds....

 Tuppence, Tuppence..... Tuppence a bag!"

But i am such a mean mom and i said no to that part.

Here Is Why....

My mom was the loving, proud , bystander to many

a horrifying performance put on by my sister and i

(and whatever other unsuspecting neighbor girl  we could con into dancing with us in PUBLIC)

We put on productions in PUBLIC areas.

We posted handmade FLYERS advertising the...

Amazing Upcoming Event!

Come see the talent for yourself!!!!

People would come too.
they would patiently wait while we
dug through our Home recorded cassette tapes...

to find the one we would dance to....

And then we would do cartwheels and twirls for 4 minutes


When the song ended we would BOW.

Our mom looked so proud

So We were  sure that...

Everyone there wanted to be just like us.

This is why i am the mean mom that says no!
 i am scarred by the embarrasment i put myself through as a child.

I was a NERD.

and my poor mom had to claim me!

aye yie yie yie YIE!


dont be too hard on me....i have allowed my daughter and niece to
put on a circus and invite 5 helpless neighbors and grandparents
to witness their death defying acts.

i just pray she doesnt hold me accountable for my permission

to do so,  someday.


xoxo  shell


  1. Glad to hear you are settling down in your Home for know, I would find it hard to be on the road like that... Of course I am a bit older then you and been there done that! I like my nest! Thanks for stopping by and for the compliment on my new look. Hubby worked on it for me, I am pretty tickled with it! Your idea with the pinecones is clever we will have to do that here. Hugs, Diane

  2. I am so glad I discovered your blog ~ you just make me smile!!

  3. Kudos to your mom...whatever she did to make you sure worked!!