Monday, April 26, 2010

Gypsies Go to Market

Play Guess Who the Gypsy is:

This  lil gypsy has a wrinkly ankle....

this lil gypsy picks her nose....

This lil gypsy thinks somethins' funny...

this lil piggy needs a mom who sews.

But this lil piggy said....

Weeeeeeee  Weeeeeeeee  Weeeeeeee...

Let's stay HOME!

This little Gypsy Family has had a crazy year,

Traveling, homeschooling, living in hotels.

But we have decided that traveling is for Vacations!



we are not on vacation.

In fact... we are on the opposite.

We are starting up our own Company.

Lawn Maintenence...dumptruck (hauling away or delivering),
Sprinkler repair/ install...snow removal...etc etc...

"We" as in Matt!  :)

I have something else up my sleeve...

Now if i could just pull it out???!!!

i have great ideas...

they just need to start becoming tangible creations!



and it feels wonderful and fulfilling to look back and say:

I made it!  i lived in a very tiny hotel room for nearly 8 mos

with the 5 of us and pets...





any of them!

Thank you Lord!

We have all made it out of that phase ALIVE!


love shell


  1. Awesome!!! Where are you putting down your "roots"? In Utah? Congratulations, very good news and you deserve it! Big Time!

  2. I am so glad !!! I have prayed for you and your family every since I found you in blogland. God is so good and He is faithful.
    Always lifting you and yours up,

  3. My friend is here..and i am so happy! Best of luck to you and your little gypsies!

  4. What exciting news! I will be praying for success in the new business and I'll be praying whatever's up your sleeve comes out soon!
    I love the photo in this post!!

    What a blessing to look back on your past year and see all that the Lord has brought you through and what a blessing to know He'll continue to see you through whatever lies ahead!

  5. Yipee! Great news!!! I'll send up a prayer that things will be successful. You certainly deserve that blessing.
    I loved the handsome pics of your two "men" below. SO cute!!!
    And the photo of your Grandmother on her wedding day was AMAZING! I'm so glad you shared it with us.
    Take care. Wishing you the best.
    Mary Lou

  6. Oh my stars! I had to go back and read that again. 8 months - hotel - kids?? Yikes. And homeschooling. Whew!

    We homeschool and I can't imagine school and living both in one tiny area. You are a far better woman than I am!

    Blessings... Polly

  7. Well, that is fantastic news!!
    SO glad you are going to be able to have fun at HOME!!