Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Vintage Lace, Tarnished treasures and Guns!

You know that i am a lover of all things fluffy, Frilly,vintage and cottage-ish.....

But then there is this other side of me.....

I am also sort of a Tom Boy at heart.

I use to ice fish with my dad and I dream of hunting with my hubby someday.
( decked  out in pink camo of course)

I love fishing at lakes...
(well i like watching hubby fish while i relax)

Yah- there is this tom boy-ish, scrappy, doesn't mind gettin dirty, chick inside of me that pops her head out once n a while.

So when my sister, Becca, suggested hittin up a shootin range for
our monthly G.N.O. ( we misleadingly call Bonko Night).....

I was Like....

Yah Bro,
lets do this!
(that's how my tom boy side of me talks)   :)

So the girls and I decided to do this month up with a bang.

More like a    Bang! Bang! Bang!

me and my 45

becca and her 357 revolver

molly and a 9 mm

Keri was also sporting a 9 mm

We were some Shell Shucking Mamas!

I love my Bonko Girls...

We don't actually play Bonko...

But we do challenge eachother to participate in activities we otherwise would never have considered on our own.

I bet this is a vignette that they don't usually come across at the shootin' range...

So bottom line is ......

I am hard to figure out.
I'm like America....
all mixed up.

;)  hee hee
Oh i love me some Bonko
xoxo shell


  1. I love the look on Becca's face. Pure Joy!! That's a great Bunko Night. Miss you guys.

  2. Hey.. i commented on this...where did my comment go??
    I said that I want to shoot me a gun! Why don't we do stuff like that? All we ever do is eat..wait..I like to eat...