Sunday, November 15, 2009


DO   you remember the Magic of new fallen snow when

you were a Child?

The treasure that lay on the ground sparkling in the sunlight.

The way it seemed a frozen treat  had fallen from Heaven,

Winter's Fruit.

Snow ball fights 

Igloo Forts

Snow plow Tunnels


and perhaps best of all....

Mom's Hot coaco with tiny marshmallows
dancing inside.

....and don't forget the cozy blanky wrapped around you
as you curled up on the sofa.

wish i could get that back!

I wish i could see that snowy wonderland again.

Although, i do so enjoy greeting my own
little ones as they saunder in to the warm house,

cold red cheeks and snow flakes resting on there eyelashes.

It is...... pure Magic i tell ya,
that first good snow fall.


Just for today.... 

Don't think about scraping the windshield or

shoveling the walk.....

Just enjoy God's Magic.


  1. I agree. We love it. Ain't no magic like this in LA.

  2. ahhh...that is true...and sad :(

    then i guess we should really enjoy this special blessing!

  3. Beautiful pictures and darling sweet ones!