Saturday, November 21, 2009

Jinxing Yourself

Do you believe in the old
tradition of
"knocking on wood"

You when you say,

"i haven't got a ticket in a long time"..

and then someone says...

"knock on wood"

Cuz they don't want you to Jinx yourself.

If not, then how do you explain it when

you've said that and get pulled over and get a ticket

two hours later?

Is it just "ironic"

Is it a coinidence?

Is it a self fullfilling prophecy?

I've always wondered what exactly makes that happen.

When i was little i would picture something in my head ..

and then later that day...i would see it happening.

I thought maybe i was a little psychic.

I am pretty strange so ...hmmmm.

Just last night my sis in law, Marti

came over and had a bad migraine.

I said  to her....
"i've only ever had migraines after Kie's Birth
from the spinal fluid blowout"

Not 3 hours later....a Huge migraine came on.

It hasnt gone away yet...almost 24 hours later.

so it wasn't just my imagination.

All i know is that i am keeping my mouth shut.

No more   "never" or "always".....

It just isn't worth the HEADACHE....


What is your take on "Jinxing yourself" ?
Do you buy into it?


  1. I am a huge believer in self jinxing. YOu know that whole "write your check to the universe" thing? totally true. Be careful what you wish for, baby...
    I am sorry your head is hurting. So not fun. Poor Kent gets them pretty bad sometimes and they knock him out.
    Get better soon!

  2. I swear...I posted a comment yesterday..even before Jillo!
    Unfortunately, jinxing is real. I made a comment that I hope everyone is feeling well when we go to California...then the next day, Kevin blew out his knee...I even knocked on wood!

  3. So sorry you're not feeling well! Very crazy how those events came about! Be careful what you say and I will too! :)